Even Real Men Need Hypnosis in Hong Kong

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The Status of Hypnosis in Hong Kong Whenever discussions surface about hypnosis, there are always many biases that come to the surface. One of them is about the type of people who seek the benefits of hypnotherapy in Hong Kong. Sadly,... Read More

8 Ways Hypnosis Benefited Pioneers

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Hypnosis provides genuine therapeutic benefits to people who suffer from anxiety, stress, depression or phobias, but it is more than just a therapeutic aid. As a matter of fact, hypnosis benefits pioneers. Numerous household names enhanced their performance and achieved... Read More

Neuroscience proves the Efficacy of Hypnosis against Anxiety

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Hypnosis reduces anxiety Many people suffer from anxiety disorders in their daily lives. In fact, the American Psychiatric Association estimates that over 25 million Americans have suffered from one anxiety disorder or the other, whether PTSD, panic anxiety, sleep disorders or... Read More


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The Tale of Procrastination: I should be getting on with it… but… Procrastination is the voluntary delay of an important task despite foreseeable negative consequences. It can be a student postponing starting his homework until the last moment. A smart and... Read More
expressing fear

The First Seconds Matter

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It is all about the first few seconds. A stranger sizes you up in 20 seconds on average. It is less about what you say and more about how you say it: it is about your tone and your posture.... Read More

The Costs of Limiting Beliefs

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Limiting beliefs are the thoughts that hinder you from reaching peak performance and achieving wellbeing. I’m not good enough. Nobody is going to listen to me. I am not as smart as so-and-so. I am afraid to lose. The list can... Read More

About change: when knowing and believing differ

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Some people know that they should keep their composure, stay away from fat and sugar, go to the gym more often, get rid of cigarettes, stop procrastinating, and so on. And yet they do the exact opposite. The prefrontal cortex,... Read More

The Most Powerful Organ

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Would you like to take care of the most powerful organ in your body? The obvious answer would be yes. Yet many people fail to do so. The brain amounts to 2% of the body weight but consumes about 20... Read More

Slimming with Hypnosis

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Did you know how you could lose twice as much weight, and keep it off for the longer term? Many studies have proven that hypnosis is a powerful ally when it comes to slimming and shedding weight, much more powerful... Read More
Hypnosis as an Engine

Ignite Your Engine

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The first time I flew a plane, the instructor reviewed a checklist just prior to landing. About fourty seconds before landing, we were gliding toward the beginning of the runway. The list included predictable items: flaps? Out. Gears? Out. Speed?... Read More