Considering that your staff probably spends close to one-third of their lives on the job, it stands to reason that the personal relationships, conflicts, competition and other stresses in your office can have any number of destructive effects. As a manager, it is in your best interest to take steps to enhance the well-being of the people who work for you. Even if you are thinking purely from a monetary standpoint, happier, less stressed workers will be more productive and will project a more positive attitude, all of which will directly benefit you and your company. Just how do you go about facilitating this well-being? Taking advantage of the best hypnotherapy for resilience in Hong Kong is one of the most effective ways to transform the mood of your office.  

What is Hypnotherapy for Resilience and How Can it Help?

Perhaps you have heard about the ways that hypnotherapy can assist in relieving pain and fear, and maybe you have wondered how the process works. Actually, hypnosis is a heightened state of intense focus and awareness that can be brought about through the use of deep relaxation techniques. It can be done either through self-hypnosis or with the help of one of the best hypnotherapy for resilience in Hong Kong professionals. During a hypnotherapy for resilience session, a certified hypnotherapist will use guided imagery, suggestions and positive affirmations to help a person to achieve their goal of overcoming difficulties and bouncing back from adversity. Thanks to hypnosis, physical and mental distractions can be minimized, and the person can take on board the words and suggestions of the hypnotherapist. With regular practice, these powerful tools introduced by the hypnotherapist can be incorporated into a person’s daily life. 

Scientific Substantiation of the Best Hypnotherapy for Resilience  

Hypnosis has been employed by doctors and other mental health professionals throughout history, and many studies have sought to study and quantify its effectiveness. For instance, over 12 weeks, researchers Marc Shoen and Kenneth Nowack worked with 11 participants, all of whom listened to a self-hypnosis stress reduction program. The hypothesis was that this intervention would assist them in improving their emotional and physical reactions to stressors found at work and in other aspects of daily life. Participants took subjective measures of how well they coped as well as their resiliency and ability to tolerate stress. In addition, blood was drawn to assess inflammation levels via the chemical IL-6. Upon completion of the three months, subjects had significantly lower IL-6 levels from baseline. Furthermore, they reported significantly less use of negative appraisal coping, including pessimistic thinking, perfectionism and self-destructive statements. This pilot study suggests that strategies such as the best hypnotherapy for resilience in Hong Kong can also be a powerful way to enhance workers’ ability to cope and excel in spite of the many job-related challenges that face them.  

best hypnotherapy for resilience in Hong Kong

Connect Your Employees with the Best Hypnotherapy for Resilience  

Renewed Edge is the premier wellness and hypnosis center. It offers the best hypnotherapy in Hong Kong. Our certified hypnotherapist is skilled at helping you and your staff to minimize the effects of conflict and stress, boost self-esteem and enhance staff members’ resiliency in the face of all manner of challenges. The best hypnotherapy for resilience may well be one of the most effective investments in human resources that you ever make. Call us today to set your company’s course toward well-being and success.