Holistic medicine is an increasingly popular whole-body approach to wellness. Unlike conventional medicine, which typically treats symptoms and diseases only after they occur, complementary medicine addresses the whole person. In the wellness world and the world of holistic medicine, this means that practitioners work to address underlying issues and help their clients achieve whole-body health. Their focus is not solely on physical but also emotional, mental, and social wellness. It is not surprising, then, that hypnotherapy has taken an increasingly larger role in the world of wellness. With hypnosis in Hong Kong, you can enjoy powerful drug-free relief from many common symptoms while transforming your health and life through natural means.

In Hong Kong, many people turn to alternative therapies for their wellness needs. In one study, four out of five nurses in Hong Kong used at least one type of complementary medicine during the course of the study. Many in the study also recommended similar treatments, including meditative therapies, to their own patients. Researchers in Hong Kong are also spending more time studying hypnotherapy to better understand its various uses and benefits to find new treatments for conditions such as IBS and insomnia. At Renewed Edge hypnosis HK, we offer comprehensive and holistic hypnotherapy care.

The Early Uses of Hypnotherapy

The hypnosis experience might just be as old as humanity itself. A natural phenomenon, you have likely experienced the process on your own without necessarily realizing it, perhaps in the form of a daydream or an engrossing movie. You may have felt lost in your own thoughts or the experience as your emotions swept you away.

While not always fully understanding it, doctors began experimenting with it in the late 18th century. German doctor Franz Mesmer formally incorporated it into his practice at that time, and other practitioners quickly followed his lead. From the middle of the 19th century onwards, the popularity of this exciting new technique soared as more physicians studied and used it. This included English physician Dr. James Braid, who coined the term hypnosis, and later Austrian psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud.

As time passed, the benefits became clearer. In the 1950s, both the American Medical Association and the British Medical Association had endorsed hypnotherapy as a valid treatment for a variety of health issues, including pain and insomnia. Today, both the medicine and research worlds have made great strides when it comes to hypnotherapy. Brain scans have effectively mapped the parts of the brain involved in the phenomenon and provided doctors and hypnotherapists with better information to more precisely customize treatments like those offered at our hypnosis center in Hong Kong.

Hypnosis HK and Modern Wellness

The power of hypnotherapy lies in its ability to transform you from the inside out. It changes the way you think, which in turn changes the way you behave and even the way you move through life. Renewed Edge Hypnosis Center in Hong Kong offers therapy that can be easily incorporated into your life, whether through hypnosis HK or in conjunction with other therapies, such as relaxation techniques or mindfulness. It can be used in a clinical setting or the privacy of your home, practiced as needed to manage stress, alleviate anxiety, soothe pain and inflammation, or promote overall wellness.

Research shows that hypnotherapy offers significant relief from numerous health and emotional issues, most commonly those related to stress and anxiety, including:

  • Panic disorders
  • Chemotherapy
  • Insomnia
  • Phobias
  • Depression
  • PTSD
  • Addiction disorders

The benefits of hypnotherapy do not end with health, either. Many people use it to improve function by boosting motivation, narrow focus, increase confidence, and stimulate self-esteem.

Seeking hypnosis in Hong Kong can offer you new, more efficient ways to transform your whole-body health. Whether you want to address physical issues, improve your emotional wellbeing, or simply ensure better overall function, hypnotherapy can do it. Visit Renewed Edge Hypnosis Center in Hong Kong today to find out more or schedule a consultation with our hypnotherapist.