Just as the combined effects of wind and water can erode even the strongest wall, life’s crises, disappointments and griefs can slowly wear away our feelings of optimism and self-confidence. Although there is no fancy medication that can magically rebuild resilience and happiness, the benefits of hypnosis in this realm are considerable. Instead of letting life drag you down, take some time to learn about the best hypnosis for self-confidence in Hong Kong. 

Hypnosis Explained

You probably already intuitively recognize the strong link between the body and the mind. You know that when one is impaired, in pain or disabled in some way, the other is immediately affected. Hypnosis taps into this vital link. Using deep relaxation, positive imagery and suggestions, a hypnotherapist helps a person to experience a perfectly safe state of heightened awareness that enables them to focus on achieving a pre-ordained goal such as pain relief, anxiety reduction or increased confidence. With external distractions minimized by the procedure, the person is better able to take the suggestions to heart. Over time and with practice, an individual’s habits, attitudes and perceptions can undergo significant changes. 

Research has revealed dramatic evidence of the power of hypnotic suggestion. In one study, scientists focused on a group of people who had severe dental phobia and compared them to an equal number of control subjects who did not. When individuals with dental phobia participated in a brief hypnosis session before being introduced to potentially fear-provoking sounds and pictures, their phobic responses were reduced. Functional magnetic resonance imaging (FMRI) actually showed that specific fear structures in their brains had been changed. Although more research is necessary, this study hints at the profound potential of hypnosis as a positive tool to help people overcome a wide variety of difficult situations.  

Ten Benefits of Hypnosis 

  • Greater ability to address conflicts. When you are secure in yourself, you can assertively stand up for your position without being overly aggressive or passive; 
  • Resilience in recovering from disappointments; 
  • Better able to cope with grief and loss; 
  • Enhanced ability to deal with insecurity in a healthy way without turning to jealousy, possessiveness or self-deprecation; 
  • Better able to accept your own disabilities or flaws that you cannot change; 
  • Improved ability to excel under pressure during interviews, important meetings or highly charged conversations; 
  • Added strength and perseverance that can help you to break destructive habits such as excessive drinking or tobacco use; 
  • Enables you to become a constructive role model for others, including your children; 
  • Rise above difficult or physically challenging times such as childbirth
  • Manage physical or mental pain. 

Start Hypnosis for Self-confidence Today  

Hypnosis offers a safe, effective, scientifically proven way to improve your overall quality of life without the need for dangerous drugs. Renewed Edge offers the best hypnosis for self-confidence in Hong Kong, and our experienced and empathetic therapist is ready to be at your side during every step of the way. Research has shown that hypnosis can make a difference in patients’ perceptions of pain and can reduce depression levels. Call us today to harness the power of your subconscious mind to enhance your faith in your own talents and abilities.