The first time I flew a plane, the instructor reviewed a checklist just prior to landing. About fourty seconds before landing, we were gliding toward the beginning of the runway. The list included predictable items: flaps? Out. Gears? Out. Speed? Under control. What about the pilot? I looked at him flabbergasted. “It is maybe the most important aspect,” he said. It dawned on to me that I never checked up on myself under stressful situations. I had neglected that aspect all along. If you are at the elite level, chances are that you’ve trained for thousands of hours. You have the skills. If you are an athlete, physiologically you are about the same as your competitors; if you are an executive or business owner, you have great knowledge and expertise. If you are an artist, you know you have all you need to succeed. And yet, success is not yet at your doorstep. You could almost touch it but you cannot get hold of it. What if the differences existed at the mental level? What if you had developed all the necessary skills except the most essential one: mental skills. Are you feeling anxious at the thought of tackling new challenges? Is your self-talk helping you or hindering you? Do setbacks deplete your energy? If the questions above resonate with you, you might benefit from hypnosis for mental coaching. Hypnosis can help you ignite your engine to kickstart the life you want.