Using Hypnotherapy as a Tool for Success

Hypnosis is approved by many medical and psychological associations. There is more and more research showing its efficacy and usefulness. However, many people may not be aware that hypnotherapy is more than a method for achieve better health. Hypnosis, when applied by a skilled hypnotherapist in-person or through a hypnosis audio, can have many more useful benefits. Let’s go over just a few of the many ways in which hypnosis can be applied in a beneficial way that can help you grow in many aspects of your life. 

Performance/Test Anxiety Treatment

A number of scientific studies have been done regarding the effectiveness of hypnotism in reducing performance anxiety. These studies have consistently shown a significant difference between people who received hypnotherapy and those who did not. One study, from the Australian Journal of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis, compared the performance between students who received a hypnotherapy session and the students who did not prior to an important exam.

The test showed that the hypnotherapy group reported a decrease in anxiety. Their overall test scores were also higher than those who didn’t get hypnotized.

Anxiety can hamper your performance and your career advancement. Renewed Edge has pioneered the use of hypnosis for corporate performance and helped entreprenuers and C-suite level executives enhance their wellbeing and performance.

Hypnotherapy for Public Speaking

If you want to gain visibility as an executive, entrepreneur, researcher, or craftsperson, you need to speak in public. Even if you have no plan to lead a business, you might want to make a difference in a non-profit or you might want to contribute through a best man/best woman wedding speech. There is no way that you can lead a life by staying away from the limelight.  

Public speaking ranks high among common fears. The perception that we have to perform and that we have only one chance to convince others can paralyze you. Have you ever wondered what you were missing out on? How many talents are you squandering by staying private? Hypnosis can help you release these irrational fears. You can act now. 

Hypnotherapy for Sports Performance 

Athletes use visualization on a regular basis. When in a focused state, they are practicing self hypnosis and rehearsing in their minds their shots or strokes. No world athlete trains without the assistance of a coach. At that level, victory hinges on one factor (assuming that the athlete has properly trained): his mind. That is why hypnotherapy for sports performance makes such a difference.

Hypnotherapy for Record Breakers 

In 1999, a hot air balloon called the Breitling orbiter circumvented the globe. One of the pilots, a Swiss psychiatrist-turned-adventurer used auto-hypnosis to sleep. It was vital to keep adjusting the altitude to go and fetch the right wind, in order to complete the round-the-world trip. 

Personal Growth

If much of your energy is spent fighting an addiction, or phobias, you are not spending that energy into great projects that help you grow. Eating too much, smoking too much, or drinking too much steals some of your precious time. One hundred percent of the great innovators persisted even when they were failing. With hypnosis, you can put your mental house in order and put it to work for a project that will make you proud in the future. 

Health Benefits 

Numerous physical health benefits can also be obtained through the medical use of hypnosis. Control of the mind can also mean control of the body, and one example of this principle is the use of hypnotherapy in pain relief. Research has repeatedly shown that hypnosis can be an effective way to counter chronic pain.

One study, from the American Gastroenterology Institute, found a huge difference between those who had been treated with hypnotherapy versus those who had been given standard medical treatments. Other studies have found that hypnosis can make a big difference in the recovery rate for IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) sufferers. There is even some evidence to suggest that hypnotherapy can be used in the effective treatment of fibromyalgia.

Hypnotherapy offers many possibilities due to the intrinsic link that exists between the body and the mind. By controlling one, we can work to control the other. Contact us today if you think hypnotherapy can help you succeed in life.