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The Tale of Procrastination: I should be getting on with it… but… Procrastination is the voluntary delay of an important task despite foreseeable negative consequences. It can be a student postponing starting his homework until the last moment. A smart and... Read More
expressing fear

The First Seconds Matter

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It is all about the first few seconds. A stranger sizes you up in 20 seconds on average. It is less about what you say and more about how you say it: it is about your tone and your posture.... Read More

The Costs of Limiting Beliefs

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Limiting beliefs are the thoughts that hinder you from reaching peak performance and achieving wellbeing. I’m not good enough. Nobody is going to listen to me. I am not as smart as so-and-so. I am afraid to lose. The list can... Read More

About change: when knowing and believing differ

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Some people know that they should keep their composure, stay away from fat and sugar, go to the gym more often, get rid of cigarettes, stop procrastinating, and so on. And yet they do the exact opposite. The prefrontal cortex,... Read More