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It was not only the theory around hypnosis but also Christine’s personality that appealed to me. […] Now I feel different. My inner talk changed. I talk to myself differently, more kindly, more confidently. My thoughts are more positive, objective,... Read More


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I cannot thank Christine enough for the help she has provided me. I am a much better and happier person after seeing her. I would certainly recommend any skeptical individual to see Christine who wishes to use an alternative therapy... Read More

Steven Cheung

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Christine helped me see myself and my world in a different perspective and approach life differently. Mission completed, I would say. I recommended one of my friends to see Christine and I can feel my friend is already feeling better... Read More
Hypnosis Slimming


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No words exist to describe just how much Christine’s practice helped me and continue to do. The results have been astounding, interesting and somewhat unbelievable. I believe in myself, my strengths and my future and I owe so much of... Read More