Christine at Renewed Edge has been simply amazing, transforming my self perception positively and effectively, far beyond what I hoped when I first came to her.

I see myself as a strong person but was paralyzed faced with certain challenges. Struggling with a troubled childhood and limiting self perception for years, I’ve tried psychologists but found most a waste of time (the one I do respect is gives me no-nonsense practical advice). Researching the field, I’m unconvinced that form of therapy is effective.

I came to hypnotherapy from reading how effective it in quitting smoking – now that’s a tough habit to crack.

The educated and educating approach Christine takes is in line with how I want to self-heal and redefine myself. And it truly is healing. Neuroscience and research-based yet safe caring and gentle
The restful state of hypnosis will feel familiar to those who’ve done Shamatha or mindfulness meditation – except hypnotherapy is highly purposeful.

At each session Christine discusses my goals and needs, and prompted my subconscious to achieve them. Consecutive sessions (spanning 8 months) begin with updates and assessments. She is compassionate yet super smart and methodical.

I’m astounded how organic and natural the process is. It’s a gift that keeps giving as hypnotherapy works when you’re not in session.
And powerful – Wow! After my second session I was able to make a tough decision that cost more the longer I delayed.

After the third I was able to forge ahead with a project requiring a huge commitment.

After the fourth session I feel incredibly calm, confident and positive. And the beginnings of freedom from limiting perceptions ingrained as a child, which are the toughest to identify and change.

Thank you, thank you Christine.

I’m grateful to you (and my own brain) for guiding me to a Good Place. Me.