Hopefully sharing my hypnosis experience will encourage others finding themselves facing an overwhelming challenge.

During this current Covid pandemic I was diagnosed with tumor on the Larynx whilst living in Macau. Treatment in Hong Kong was a better option, but the quarantine restrictions added layers of complications to an already stressful situation. Thankfully I was able to isolate in the Hong Kong Sanatorium hospital where they were able to conduct a full diagnosis.

Following scans and tests, fortunately the cancer had not spread and, at Stage 3, there is still  possibility that through Radiation treatment and Chemotherapy, I may not lose my voice box. The odds are not favorable, but of course I want to try.

As a  relatively fit 55 year old father of 2, I’m accustomed to running 2,000km – 2,500km per year, and participate in adventure races in places like Borneo and Mongolia as opportunities allow. However, the radiation treatment that I so desperately need involves having a tightly fitted full face mask put on me, then pinned down, before finally going into the ‘tunnel like’ radiology machine. The problem was that I suffered from a crippling Claustrophobia.

During the first fitting of the mask and scanning, I was barely able to tolerate the mask, and totally unable to enter the tunnel without a full panic /anxiety attack. Eventually I had to be fully sedated to enter the machine, and even then I was told that my heart rate doubled and my lower body was kicking violently despite being ‘asleep’.

This took place on Friday, with treatment due to start Saturday, and timing literally being a matter of life and death. Despite practicing, simulations, obtaining masks and  trying to force myself to stay under the sofa, the subconscious fear was still very, very much there. With the appointment at 1:30pm I reached out to you at  around 08:30  that morning, you were kind enough to recognize the urgency of the situation and got back to me within an hour.

The hypnosis session started at 11:15 and lasted over 90 minutes, although it felt much shorter of course. During that time, under the most immense pressure, you managed to help me change my subconscious, and at 1:30 that day I was able to get into the mask and the tunnel, and begin treatment. Without you, I simply could not have done it, it wasn’t a conscious, controllable reaction, it was buried in there, and your session helped shift that.

That was 4 days ago, since then I have been for 3 more treatment sessions, all without incident. I still have to make sure I prepare properly and get into the right state, but I’m able to do something that was impossible less than a week ago. It may or may not save my life and my voice box, but now I have chance thanks to you Christine. Thank you from my family and the bottom of my heart.