We offer premium pregnancy care and birth programs. Our classes, workshops and individual sessions are designed to help you experience a more empowering parenting journey. From overcoming a mental block to fertility, to preparing for a calmer and gentler childbirth experience with HypnoBirthing and addressing challenges such as post-partum depression, we stand by you.

Helping Pregnant Women in Hong Kong through Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond

Who is it for?

Our classes and birth programs are suitable for all expecting mothers and can complement other antenatal classes. They apply to first-time parents as well as parents who need a refresher.

Birth Workshops

Giving birth is a natural process and yet it has been made difficult. In our workshops, you will explore how you can prime yourself for a calmer birth and succeed in the face of challenges.  Workshops include:

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There is only one HypnoBirthing method, The Mongan Method. It uses breathwork, visualizations, deep relaxations, affirmation and self-hypnosis. Hypnosis for birth care can really make a difference with other antenatal programs. Choose the method endorsed by many celebrities.

Our Hypnobirthing instructor will lead you through this birth program education and preparation plan. We encourage both parents to join to make the most of this program.

Hypnotherapy Sessions

With our personalized hypnotherapy session, we can help you remove the blocks to an empowering birthing and parenting journey. We provide you the support you need whether you are expecting or rearing your first child, or you just need a refresher on birth and parenting. Hypnosis for birth is increasingly being integrated into pregnancy care plans.

Our hypnotherapist holds a diploma in hypnotherapy and is also certified by the National Guild of Hypnotist, the oldest and largest hypnotherapy association.

Self-Hypnosis Downloads for Women’s Health

Our UpNow app brings you the benefits of self-hypnosis downloads wherever you are. With a category focused on women’s health, you can: