Mental thoughts can block your performance. That is why accomplished athletes also invest in their mental preparation through hypnosis. Sports performance hypnosis can apply to any sports: golf, tennis, soccer, football, fencing, horseback riding… to name a few. It is widely accepted that mental preparation is an integral part of the training process (in addition to nutrition and physical training). It can help the athlete decrease stress, stay focused and play with more confidence. Bad stress can yield to misjudgements, second guessing , which leads to poor performance because of the valuable seconds lost in the doubting process.

Athletes at all levels of performance have found great value in sports hypnosis. Whether an athlete is just starting her career or has already been on the circuit for a while, each competition is different and requires the individual to harness all her energy. An already winning athlete can face tremendous pressure because the perceived cost of failure increases with recognition. As surprising as it may sound, some individuals may be afraid of success.


Sports hypnotherapy has various advantages. In addition to assisting you in accessing the “zone”, hypnosis can help you develop self-mastery and develop strategies for managing sports anxiety. All high-level athletes understand that they need to prepare themselves mentally for the challenges ahead. They have learnt that they can play and excel at the same time. Here are a few advantages of sports performance hypnosis:

  • Reinforce established sporting goals
  • Control nerves
  • Assist with relaxation
  • Improve concentration
  • Control pain
  • Overcome the fear of failure
  • Overcome the fear of success
  • Stay in the moment and eliminate distractions


Many household names have reportedly used sports hypnotherapy.

  • Jimmy Connors (Tennis)
  • Ken Norton (Boxing)
  • Phil Mickelson (Golf)
  • Tiger Woods (Golf)
  • Steve Hooker (Pole vaulting)

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Focus & Concentration

As an athlete, you must learn to maintain focused attention. Victory requires you to focus on the moment, and push aside any distractions. Resisting distractions and being here and now are the first steps to ultimate performance.

Anxiety relief

The first step to enter “the zone” is to focus on the here and now. Anxiety can prevent the peak performer from achieving that state. With techniques such as imagery and hypnosis, we can help you release anxiety and unleash your inner edge.

Thriving under Pressure

As an athlete, you can experience a vast range of strong emotions in a short time. Disappointment, excitement, anger. Emotions are useful because they carry a message. You did not do as well as you desired. You are looking forward to the competition. You lost and it is not fair. Peak performers listen to their emotions, not to be burdened by them but to learn from them, and move on to the next challenge.