Enjoy the Benefits of Hypnotherapy in Hong Kong

Join the thousands of people who are renewing their health through hypnotherapy. We all know that making lifestyle changes is the first step towards optimal health. The truth is that willpower alone is insufficient.

By leveraging the mind-body connection with the help of the best hypnotherapist in Hong Kong, you can access deeper resources that facilitate growth.

Renewed Edge is the premier hypnotherapy center located in Central. We have helped many individuals grow and renew themselves with the best hypnotherapy in Hong Kong. Our services provide long lasting results. Contact us now and learn about how we can help you become stronger and more resilient. Tapping into your true potential has never been easier with our best hypnotherapist in Hong Kong. Check out our best hypnotherapy services now.

Hypnotherapy reviews

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    When I walked into Christine's office, we sat and talked about what I had been experiencing and what I was there to achieve. Christine is an aeronautical engineer turned banker turned hypnotherapist, and her intellectual curiosity and expertise set her apart. She asked probing, insightful questions which clarified our objectives.
    Adele Barlow
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    No words exist to describe just how much Christine’s practice helped me and continue to do. The results have been astounding, interesting and somewhat unbelievable. I believe in myself, my strengths and my future and I owe so much of that to her. I have no doubt that she will help you too.
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    Christine helped me see myself and my world in a different perspective and approach life differently. Mission completed, I would say. I recommended one of my friends to see Christine and I can feel my friend is already feeling better after a couple of sessions. Thank you, Christine!
    Steven Cheung
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    I cannot thank Christine enough for the help she has provided me. I am a much better and happier person after seeing her. I would certainly recommend any skeptical individual to see Christine who wishes to use an alternative therapy such as hypnotherapy – you will be amazed at the results!
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    It was not only the theory around hypnosis but also Christine’s personality that appealed to me. Now I feel different. My inner talk changed. I talk to myself differently, more kindly, more confidently. My thoughts are more positive, objective, and uplifting. I feel really good now! Thank you Christine.

Benefits of Accessing Renewed Edge’s Best Hypnotherapy in Hong Kong

  • Work one-on-one with a word-class certified hypnotherapist in Hong Kong with a full hypnotherapy diploma
  • Our hypnotherapist can use English and French for the hypnosis sessions
  • Central location in Hong Kong
  • Clinical hypnosis near you tailored to your needs: individual sessions, packages, monthly subscription plans, or workshops.
  • Access to multiple delivery methods: in-person hypnosis session, online hypnotherapy and self-hypnosis app
  • Best hypnotherapy course and hypnotherapy training in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Best Hypnotherapy Training Certification

What should you look for in your hypnotherapist?

Finding a hypnotherapist in Hong Kong requires more than checking credentials. Hong Kong has no registration or licensing system for all therapists, including hypnotherapists. Be wary of associations with low standards, especially when they have fancy names. You should do your research on the hypnotherapist and the accrediting associations.

To achieve the best hypnotherapy results, look for a hypnotherapist who practices full time. The best hypnotherapy can only be delivered by individuals who use their skills on a regular basis. Our best hypnotherapist is not only certified by many US-based institutions, she also holds a hypnotherapy diploma from France. Christine Deschemin is a member of the NGH, the oldest and biggest hypnosis association.

What Questions Should You Ask Yourself Before Booking a Hypnotherapy Session?

Finding the Right Hypnotherapist in Hong Kong

How can our best hypnotherapist help you?

Christine Deschemin is an expert at helping you experience deep transformations. Willpower alone doesn’t work. Enlisting the help of your subconscious processes with the best hypnotherapy can make a big difference. With her experience in sports and blue-chip corporations, she understands first-hand the constraints of high-stress environments. She has coached many C-suite executives and athletes in Hong Kong. As a coach and hypnotherapist, she has helped many executives and entrepreneurs reach the next level of their careers. She founded the first center focused on hypnotherapy in Hong Kong.

How can you work with our hypnotherapist in Hong Kong?

First, you need to be crystal clear on what you want and you need to communicate these goals to your hypnotherapist, who will then be able to devise a program for you.

Our best hypnotherapist gets results for people just like you. Read on our tips to make your session a success: How Can You Make the Most of your Hypnotherapy Session?

This is why our clients love our best hypnotherapist in Hong Kong

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Instead of worrying about it being a final problem, you’re able to look at it in a bigger picture. So, the cliche, don’t sweat the small stuff. And I have been, even in the last three sessions, I’ve been able to identify when something that would’ve previously wound me up, now I’m able to just go, “It really doesn’t matter.” And the results are so clear and immediate, and you don’t even realize that you do it, then you go, “Oh my God, I did that.” So it was really nice to be able to see the change.

I think [hypnotherapy is] a wonderful way to get all the benefits and more compared to regular therapy, in that it’s quick and it’s easy and efficient, and you don’t have to… Regular therapy is time consuming. This is effortless. You go, you’re hypnotized, and then you see the immediate results, which is something that I’ve never had with regular therapy or any other sort of stress management that I’ve tried. So I would absolutely recommend it.


I had one [hypnotherapy] session at Renewed Edge, and the experience is really hard to describe. It’s not what you see in movies or on television, not sort of the misconceptions you have about hypnosis. It’s very calming and very relaxing, and while you’re in a different state of consciousness, you are cognizant as to what is going on. It’s a very interesting experience. For me, it worked very well. I had one session with Christine, and with that, and the reasons I had and my own will power, I was able to get rid of my habit fairly easily. Since then, things have just been great.

My health has improved. My finances have improved. I’m no longer a… I guess, a slave to cigarettes. I don’t have that habit weighing me down. I can do whatever I want, and I don’t have to think about, “Oh, where can I nip out to smoke? What can I do? Where can I go?” I have a lot more free time to spend with family and with friends and to do other things and not have to worry so much about that habit. That is gone from my life.


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Self-Hypnosis and Online Hypnotherapy

For those of you who cannot benefit from hypnotherapy in Hong Kong, there are many ways that you can take advantage of our offerings. If you cannot have your hypnotherapy treatment in Hong Kong, we offer online hypnotherapy treatments via Zoom or you can download our self-hypnosis app. With our diverse range of delivery methods, we are confident that you can seek help directly with our best hypnotherapist in person or online or you can listen to highly effective self-hypnosis downloads written and voiced by our hypnotherapist in Hong Kong. You can now alleviate mental health issues from the comfort of your home.

You can be on the road all year round and still experience life-changing transformations with self-hypnosis app or our online hypnotherapy consultations.

If you are wondering which one of the two options (self-hypnosis or hypnotherapy) is best, here are a few pointers.

Review app
Excellent app. Used some weight loss sessions which is quite effective. Thanks and definitely will recommend this app to my gym friends