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Are you feeling stressed, anxious, burnt out or unable to manage your emotions? Do you have a little time to dedicate to self-improvement? We can help.

Athletes, entrepreneurs, and executives have been trusting us for more than six years to help them renew their edge. We help people strengthen each one of the three pillars for optimal health: mental, physical health as well as peak performance.

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Men’s Health: What Can We help With?

Physical Health

  • Quit smoking
  • Drink in moderation
  • Weight loss
  • Pain management
  • Shed bad habits

Mental Health

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Phobias
  • Anger management
  • Grief

Peak Performance

We offer many ways for you to enjoy a happier and healthier life by combining 24/7 solutions such as the UpNow digital hypnotherapy app, online counselling for those strapped for time as well as in-person hypnotherapy sessions.

Hypnotherapy for men’s health

Create change from within with tailored sessions, workshops, and packages. Feel better now with only a few sessions.

Counselling / Telehealth

Access to counsellors online to support you during transitions and moments of intense change. You are not alone!

UpNow Self-Hypnosis app

Created and voiced by Christine Deschemin, the Founder of the Renewed Edge Counselling and Hypnosis Centre.

Men’s Mental health problems in Hong Kong

The Hong Kong mental health statistics about suicide, anxiety and depression highlight the depth of the mental health problem in Hong Kong.

Suicide is the 2nd cause of death among young men

Source: LANCET

2x more men than women commit suicide

Source: 2020 The Hong Kong Jockey Club Centre for Suicide Research and Prevention

2.5x more people suffer from mental health problems

(HK vs the global average)

Source: SCMP

Mental Health Myths for Men

Mental health can fluctuate over time, just like physical health. As a result, each one of us should seek guidance from trained therapists in times when we are experiencing stress, anxiety, fears, or depression. The belief that only the weak seek therapy is just wrong. Many celebrities and accomplished individuals have shared their struggle with their mental health. 

Let’s change norms together and remind ourselves that mental health is real.

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Our Clients Love What We Do

Renew your Edge with Renewed Edge. Feel better and happier.


  • hypnotherapy

    Being based in China as an American foreigner, I was pleased to find that Renewed Edge's services extended to include Zoom sessions into their options of ways to be serviced, as mental health support is very limited in the mainland.

    Kevin Blow
  • hypnosis for relaxation
    I cannot thank Christine enough for the help she has provided me. I am a much better and happier person after seeing her. I would certainly recommend any skeptical individual to see Christine who wishes to use an alternative therapy such as hypnotherapy – you will be amazed at the results!
  • Hypnosis Hypnotherapy testimonial Renewed Edge in hong kong hk
    Christine helped me see myself and my world in a different perspective and approach life differently. Mission completed, I would say. I recommended one of my friends to see Christine and I can feel my friend is already feeling better after a couple of sessions. Thank you, Christine!
    Steven Cheung
  • hypnotherapy for relaxation
    After years of battling with my weight, I was referred to Renewed Edge by a weight-loss specialist... I knew from my first call with Christine, that I wanted to deal with her... I had immediate results and have/ would recommend her to anyone who is in a seemingly impossible mental predicament. Thank you!
    Benjamin Timm
  • Hypnosis treatment session Renewed Edge Hypnotherapy centre hong kong hk
    Hi Christine, I have to tell everyone that you have amazing personality and skills to understand someone’s problems. I did 2 treatments with her for my anxiety (health) and she gave me confidence and helped me to understand. I truly grateful for your help and hoping to get complete recovery soon. God bless
    Chad thenn

Men’s Physical Health

Men's Physical Health

Improving exercise and mental health

Exercise and mental health go hand in hand. By boosting your motivation and choosing to make better lifestyle choices, you can avoid many “lifestyle” diseases that make 80% of the visits to the doctor.

Get reacquainted with your fitter self with Renewed Edge and improve both your physical activity and mental health.

Weight Loss

Weight loss for men’s health

Men tend to put on weight at midlife. “Flat tires” they gain around the waist can lead to diabetes and heart disease. Diets are ineffective and can backfire. With counselling or hypnosis for weight loss, you can release those extra pounds.

 Imagine a life where you feel lighter! Losing weight is much more than looking good. It is also about feeling good!

Men’s Mental Health

Mental Health Hypnotherapy

Building better coping mechanisms with hypnotherapy

Men tend to keep their feelings to themselves and resort to maladaptive coping mechanisms like excessive smoking or drinking, which trigger many physical health issues. Managing one’s mental health might feel like trying to speak a language we have no clue about.

Learn the building blocks of this language. Gain confidence learning the necessary tools to manage setbacks better and meet challenges head on.

Mental Health Counsellors

Managing life changes with counsellors, coaches and hypnotherapists

Life is made of transitions and while many are positive, some can test your patience. Whether it is a divorce, a separation, a layoff, bereavement, or a different type of loss, you can leverage the clinical expertise of our counsellors, coaches, and hypnotherapists and use better coping mechanisms.

Let us help you change your mindset from going through an event to turning it into a springboard for a healthier and happier life.


There are many ways to de-stress. From a yoga session to regular exercise or webinars and meditation, there are many traditional ways to let go of tension. But most of these modalities require time and practice. During an audio focused on hypnotherapy for men’s health, the hypnotherapist’s voice will guide you into a relaxing state. With digital hypnosis, you just need a 20-to-30-minute daily session to enjoy deep relaxation.

The sessions are strictly confidential. No recording. From the privacy or your home – or a conference room, you can access a credentialled counsellor, who will apply the same ethical principles as in a face-to-face meeting.

You have already experienced that state. You just don’t know it. Just contact us on the homepage and we will be happy to arrange a 15-minute call with our hypnotherapist.

We should all have a good mental health hygiene. And good hygiene is acquired through habits. As you improve your thought patterns, you can relieve fear and anxiety. The UpNow self-hypnosis app is always with you 24/7, supporting you through its 100+ library of audios.

We all need help at one point in time. Fast therapies such as hypnotherapy can help you gain life-changing insights and get rid of bad habits. The result can lead to better health and a much happier life. At Renewed Edge, we believe that personal development extends beyond classical self-help. Because it touches the therapy world, we use a series of techniques and tools to help you move forward.