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The HypnoBirthing® Classes

HypnoBirthing relies on education and self hypnosis and helps you dispel the fear-based stories, as well as misinformation around birthing. A variety of techniques used, such as special breathing, relaxation, visualization, meditative approach, attention to nutrition…

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Christine Deschemin is a certified hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner and HypnoBirthing® specialist.

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What is HypnoBirthing®?

HypnoBirthing® helps you achieve a calmer and gentler birth, allowing you to bring in babies in a gentler and calmer way with hypnosis; hypnobirthing classes teach you to give birth confidently, as calmly, safely and gently as possible. This method applies both for healthy women and women who need medical assistance because of special circumstances. A hypnobirthing birth empowers the mother and allows a more natural birth.

Here are some benefits of these classes:

  • Eliminate fear that causes tension and pain through relaxation techniques
  • Learn how gently breathe the baby down (through breathing techniques)
  • Shorten first phase of labour
  • Make the labour phase more gentle and pleasant
  • Empower the mother to allow the natural birth process
  • Include the partner in the birthing process
  • Allow the mother to remain alert, fresh, awake and with more energy
  • Greatly reduce and often eliminate the need for drugs and intervention
  • Help keep oxygen supplied to baby during birthing
  • Reduce the need for an episiotomy
  • Reduce fatigue during labour

What is a HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator?

A HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator has followed extensive training and continues to further her development in the field. Your Renewed Edge Educator is a fully certified hypnotherapist, creator of the UpNow self-hypnosis app and lead teacher at the Renewed Edge Hypnotherapy Institute. She appears on the HypnoBirthing Institute directory.

Christine Deschemin combines years of experience in the field of hypnotherapy and self-hypnosis and has guided thousands of people onto a healthier track. By helping you alleviate fears and their triggers, you can reclaim a more peaceful birth experience. Regardless of whether you have medical conditions or are going through a low-risk pregnancy, your educator is there for you. You too can start seeing birth as a normal phenomenon and not as a horror story.

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HypnoBirthing Classes Near Me

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The Renewed Edge Counselling and Hypnotherapy Centre’s mission is to help you fall in love with birthing again. It is more than a childbirth Program. By leveraging the power of self-hypnosis, you can Partner with Your Mind® and create a calmer and happier birth.

In addition to women’s health-focused workshops and sessions, we conduct regular Hypnobirthing classes during the year in English and French.

Should you be near your birthing time, you might want to consider individual classes. Your HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator teaches online group and individual courses. Contact us today!

HypnoBirthing Classes

  • Introduction to the HypnoBirthing® philosophy
  • Why and how you can have an easier, more comfortable, and safer birthing
  • How Nature perfectly designed women’s bodies to birth
  • How to assist, rather than resist, your natural birthing instincts
  • The vocabulary for calm and gentle birthing.
  • Visualizing gentle births by viewing beautiful birthing videos
  • The remarkable mind of your newborn baby—Prenatal bonding techniques
  • Rapid and instant self-relaxation techniques and deepening techniques
  • Breathing techniques for labor and birthing
  • Hypnotic relaxation and visualization
  • Selecting the right care provider
  • The Birth companion’s role in birthing
  • Preparing your body for birthing with massage and toning
  • The remarkable mind of your newborn baby—Prenatal bonding techniques
  • Rapid and instant self-relaxation techniques and deepening techniques
  • Breathing techniques for labor and birthing
  • Hypnotic relaxation and visualization
  • Selecting the right care provider
  • The Birth companion’s role in birthing
  • Preparing your body for birthing with massage and toning
  • Preparing Birth Preference Sheets
  • Preparing the Body for Birthing
  • Light Touch Labor Massage
  • Your body working for and with you
  • What if labor needs to be induced
  • Releasing negative emotions, fears and limiting thoughts
  • Onset of Labor – Thinning and Opening Phase
  • Birth explained simply
  • Settling in at the hospital or birthing center
  • Preparing for home birth – or baby’s choice of birth
  • As labor moves along – passing time through labor
  • Hallmarks of labor
  • If labor rests or slows – Companion’s prompts and activities
  • As labor advances – birthing with your baby
  • Protecting the natural birthing experience
  • Birth rehearsal imagery


HypnoBirthing® does not promise painless birthing, though many HypnoBirthing® mothers do report having a relatively pain-free birth or one that they were able to manage easily. When the causes of fear-tension-pain that constrict the birthing muscles are eliminated, birthing can be accomplished in a shorter time and much more comfortably. A relaxed mother’s body will produce more endorphins and oxytocin, nature’s own relaxants. HypnoBirthing® mother may experience sensations of tightening or pressure, but most describe their birth experience as working with their body through the sensations, and thus avoiding the excruciating pain that is frequently spoken of by women who choose other methods of preparation for birthing.
More and more care providers are becoming aware of the benefits of HypnoBirthing®. In class, you will learn how to create your birth preferences, which will help you communicate your birthing choices to your doctor, midwife, and nurses. If your care provider is not knowledgeable about HypnoBirthing®, you can discuss the techniques you will be using and the type of calm birthing environment that you desire.
The answer is YES. In HypnoBirthing® classes you will learn relaxation skills that will be useful to you, your partner and your baby, regardless of the circumstances. In the event that medical interventions of any sort are needed, you will find yourself better prepared to remain calm and in control. Moms who have needed cesareans for medical reasons report that they were totally relaxed before, during, and after the procedure. Many report they needed less medication following the birth, and were able to return to normal functioning in a shorter amount of time.
A hypnoBirthing mother is totally aware and may return to a conversant state or choose to become mobile whenever she desires. You will remain definitely conscious during self-hypnosis. The HypnoBirthing mothers are deeply relaxed and are an active participant in the labor process. They often find they experience time distortion, are able to rest, and focus on birthing and their new baby.
The birth companion is an integral part of the HypnoBirthing experience. He or she practices with the mother to assist her during labor using hypnosis, relaxation techniques, visualizations, light touch massage, and receiving the new baby.
All mothers are welcome in my class with or without partners. The partner is encouraged to participate.
Every insurance plan is different. We advise you to contact your insurance company and check whether hypnobirthing is covered by your plan.

Helping couples birth in a gentler and calmer way is extremely rewarding. If you are a midwife or nurse, you can take our best hypnotherapy course and learn techniques for calmer birthing.