Module 4 – Hypnotherapy Training & Psychopathology

Hypnotherapy & Psychopathology Module Overview

Renewed Edge Hypnotherapy & Psychopathology Module 4 Overview

The fourth module of the Renewed Edge Hypnotherapy Certification Training Program follows the first three modules.

In module 4, you will learn about the main psychopathology categories. While the purpose is not to make a diagnosis, you can recognize signs requiring a referral to a clinical psychologist or psychiatrist. In addition, you will learn how to use hypnotherapy to alleviate some conditions.

Your instructor, Christine Deschemin, is the founder of the Renewed Edge Counselling and Hypnotherapy Centre in Hong Kong and UpNow Health, a digital therapeutics firm focused on providing self-management programs for better physical and mental health. Christine is the lead hypnotherapist behind the UpNow self-hypnosis app.

This hypnosis training program is for future hypnotherapists, counsellors, and HR professionals.

What you'll learn

  • Main psychopathologies
  • Causes of each psychopathology
  • Selected criteria for diagnosis
  • Conventional treatments
  • What to do and what to avoid during a hypnotherapy session with a client suffering from a psychopathology


  • You must have completed modules 1 to 3.
  • You must be above 18 years old.
  • You should have a good command of the English language.
  • You should be in an appropriate mental health state for training, i.e., not suffering from psychosis, schizophrenia, bipolar disease, or any other mental health problem of a severe nature.

Hypnotherapy Training & Psychopathology Course Details

Become a Certified Hypnotherapist

The Renewed Edge Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Institute’s mission is to equip you with the skills you need to thrive as a hypnotherapist. In addition, we are the only Hypnotherapy Institute teaching psychopathology to future hypnotherapists.

By receiving the coveted National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) certification, you join an international group of hypnotists and hypnotherapists with access to additional hypnosis resources.

Become a Certified hypnotherapist in Hong Kong with the Renewed Edge Edge Hypnotherapy Training.

Hypnotherapy & Psychopathology Structure

Module 4 of the Renewed Edge Certified Hypnotherapy Training contains 40 hours of lectures, presentations, practice sessions and discussions and takes place over 5 days.

Each student will receive a coursebook supplemented by online material shared during the online classes. You will also be required to buy a book. Completing all exams and homework and attending all classes are required to qualify for the 5th and last module.

Key Features of the Hypnotherapy Certification Diploma

NGH-Approved Hypnotherapy Certification

When you complete the Renewed Edge Hypnotherapy Certification Training, you’ll be part of a global community of hypnotists and hypnotherapists.

Comprehensive Hypnosis Training

The Renewed Edge Hypnotherapy training teaches multiple techniques learnt on three continents. It is the only hypnosis training in Hong Kong which includes a module dedicated to psychopathology (a.k.a. abnormal psychology).

Rigorous Hypnotherapy Training

Our rigorous hypnotherapy training gives you access to the coveted NGH hypnosis certification. Sign up today and learn from a fully credentialled hypnotherapist trained in the US, France and the UK.

A Compassionate Community

Join a community of like-minded people passionate about helping others through hypnosis. Sign up today!

Our Clients Trust Us

  • Rachael Desgouttes
    What an exceptional experience. Two packed days of information and hands on experience which left me equipped to undertake multi-faceted improvements in my attitude to problems, and life in general! The tuition was thorough, organised and sequential. Christine’s delivery is mellifluous and patient. The balance of learning and application perfect. Overall thoroughly worthwhile and rewarding.
    Rachael Desgouttes
  • hypnosis certification testimonial
    I attended the Self-hypnosis training with Christine and it was absolutely eye-opening and awakening! I came out of the training with enough practice and knowledge to continue my own self-development journey. Thank you!
    Janardhan, Professional
  • hypnotherapy course testimonial HK
    Thank you for a fascinating introduction to self-hypnosis! I've joined Module 2 and intend to complete the Module 3 as well this year.    I've come away from the course with a renewed sense of optimism about the possibilities for lasting change and improvements ,and can't wait to enjoy the benefits I know will come from regular practice.  I look forward to continuing down this path!
    Phil, Teacher

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Hypnotherapy and Psychopathology FAQs

Psychopathology is the study of abnormal psychology. It focuses on studying mental and behavioural disorders’ causes, development, and symptoms.

As a hypnotherapist, a variety of people will seek your help. The majority can enjoy the benefits of hypnosis (~99%), but a small percentage should refrain from doing hypnosis. By understanding the different types of psychopathologies, you can ask the right questions and determine if a client is a good candidate for hypnotherapy.

In addition to referring cases to clinical psychologists or psychiatrists, you will also increase the value of your interventions by understanding the challenges of a person taking care of a person with psychopathology.

Congratulations! After completing Module 4, you are only one module away from becoming a hypnotherapist. The next module of the Renewed Edge hypnotherapy training, Module 5: Specialist Certificate in Clinical Hypnotherapy will teach you advanced hypnosis techniques.

Some cases may require interventions other than hypnosis first. If you want a high success rate in your hypnosis practice, you will need to refer such patients to a clinical psychologist or a psychiatrist. Being able to spot symptoms that could lead to a psychopathology diagnosis will earn you the trust of your clients, which can lead to better word of mouth and more referrals.

You already have excellent knowledge about psychopathologies. In this hypnosis training, you will understand where to use hypnosis and where to refrain from using it.

We provide as many classes as possible for our students to complete their hypnotherapy training. Sign up for our newsletter, or you will stay informed about new courses. Should you still need to find a suitable date, please get in touch with us. From time to time, we may set up extra classes when enough people have expressed interest in the same date.

Human capital is one of the most critical resources for a company. This training can alert you to signs of distress and help you spearhead valuable programs for your company. When you sit at the table with other counsellors or mental health specialists, you can fully participate in the discussions and shape the outcome.

Hypnotherapy Certification -Module 4: Hypnotherapy & Psychopathology

Price: US$1,144

You can complete this online course at your own pace before the start of module 5.