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What will I learn in the Alleviate Stress and Anxiety Course?

Week 1: Reset. Reset. Reset

In this first week we will be priming you for success. Stress and anxiety are the results of embedded processes that makes you fear the most innocuous. Put your seat belt on! During this week, you will be invited to question many of the things you did or didn’t do.

Week 2: Rebuild Emotional Resilience

We are increasing the speed to reach cruise speed. You will get started with developing emotional mastery techniques that you will practice during the week.

Week 3: Renew your Mindset

Mindset. Everyone talks about it. But what is it? And how can you start changing it? In this chapter you will start learning more about how you perceive the world and you will be learning one self-hypnosis technique.

Week 4: Reenergize your outlook

How do you communicate with yourself? 😊 The truth is most people do not know how to communicate with themselves and how to change their self-talk.

Week 5: Refine

You’ve learned many skills and started gaining emotional control. But know that it is a constant endeavour because we all change. During this week, you will learn how to refine your mental health hygiene.

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Why Should You Take This Course?

About 30% of people in Hong Kong are suffering from stress, anxiety or depression. About 60% of workers in major global economies are also experiencing more workplace stress.

The consequences of chronic stress and anxiety are well known. They impact physical and mental health in extended ways. Here are a few symptoms:

Mental Health Course FAQ

Sessions with a mental health therapist are tailored to your needs. With a group workshop, you will be able to tackle subjects that you would not in one-on-one therapy. If you suffer from acute anxiety, we recommend seeing one of mental health therapists as soon as possible. Our counsellors and hypnotherapist are here for you.

This course is only available for adults for now. Please contact us at if you would like your child to attend this course. We will be able to organize a course just for children.

Your instructor will gather information and tailor the content of the course to make sure that all participants are empowered to manage stress and anxiety. After you complete this course, you can continue with our best hypnotherapy courses where you can learn self-hypnosis and how to conduct a session to relieve stress. Our online hypnotherapy training makes it easy for you to learn the right skills.

Maternal anxiety is a widespread problem. Our hypnobirthing course will help you prepare for birth. With the “Alleviate Stress and Anxiety” course, you will take these life skills a notch higher and learn more self-hypnosis techniques.

We designed this course with neuroscience principles in mind. In addition, this course requires practice to help you create good habits. We believe that 5 weeks is the shortest amount of time needed to enjoy long-lasting benefits.

We are the proud provider of hypnotherapy training in Hong Kong. These hypnosis courses can lead you to the NGH hypnosis and hypnotherapy certification diploma.