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Women go through different stages in life and because your needs change, the Renewed Edge Wellness Centre has created tailored solution-focused packages just for you. Whether it is about accompanying you during your career, helping you prepare for birth and beyond, supporting you after birth if you suffer from postpartum depression, our team of counsellorshypnotherapist and coaches can guide you on your journey toward optimum health and performance. Our coaching and mental health services include in-person and online support.

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How can I prepare for birth with HypnoBirthing? How long does it take?

When it comes to birth, our women’s health clinic focuses on bringing you the least invasive techniques. The arrival of a newborn brings drastic changes. With Renewed Edge hypnobirthing classes, you can prepare your body and mind before your family expands.

The birth classes are provided by a fully certified hypnobirthing instructor who will walk you through five sessions where you will practice visualization, self-hypnosis, and relaxation.

Is it still too early for you to sign up, join our webinars and workshops and learn about how the Renewed Edge birth preparation program can help you achieve a healthier and calmer birth.

How can counselling or hypnotherapy for postpartum depression help me?

About 15% of women is Hong Kong experience postpartum depression. With the many and sudden changes they face, the transition might prove too difficult to navigate alone. With hypnotherapy, you can transform your mindset and adapt to the new changes while our counselling services can help you develop better coping mechanisms.

To make it easy to fit our support in your calendar, we offer a wide range of services via telehealth.

The Renewed Edge centre offers you access to experienced therapists online and in-person. Contact us for more information on counselling or hypnotherapy for postpartum depression.

I signed up for the HypnoBirthing program. What is your gift for me?

This is a special time for you, and we want to give you the renewed edge you deserve. We have one more gift. Our hypnotherapist will provide you a free hypnotherapy session for breech babies as part of the HypnoBirthing Program if needed.

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Better Mental Health for Women. How to achieve it?

There is no health without mental health. There can’t be any good physical health without mental health. A proper self-care routine can work wonders with the support of a certified therapist. When you gain the right habits and thought patterns, flipping the script become as easy as breathing and your mindset becomes your best friend. The result is innate healing and happiness.

With your Renewed Edge therapist’s holistic approach, you can gain lifelong skills leading to self-mastery and better emotional regulation.

Get started on this journey of self-discovery today and gain life-long skills. Take our questionnaire and find the right counsellor or hypnotherapist for you.

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Release stress with Hypnotherapy. How does it work?

Life in Hong Kong can be hectic. As a result, it naturally exacerbates the tensions of modern life. The consequences can be wide-ranging with a series of stress symptoms such as heart palpitations, or tummy aches.

At the Renewed Edge women’s health clinic, we have helped thousands of women release stress and achieve better clarity. Imagine a more peaceful mindset that helps you make better decisions within the same circumstances. It can be achieved with hypnotherapy, a fast therapy that leverages your innate abilities to heal and thrive.

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Why does everyone need coaching?

Life is made of transitions and changes. And while most of them are beneficial, some of them may try you out, even leading you to crises and burnout. Solution-oriented coaching might just be what you need to increase your resilience and bounce back.

At Renewed Edge, our mission is to help you regain your edge so that you can make the most of every challenges. Our counsellors, hypnotherapists and coaches have extensive experience in the workplace, and they can help you find your path to a better version of yourself.

What is hypnotherapy for women’s health?

Women’s needs are unique throughout their lives. As a result, they need a versatile tool to manage physical issues and thrive. Hypnosis for women’s health is just that tool. Because hypnotherapy can help you Partner with your Mind®, you can achieve many benefits:

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    When I walked into Christine's office, we sat and talked about what I had been experiencing and what I was there to achieve. Christine is an aeronautical engineer turned banker turned hypnotherapist, and her intellectual curiosity and expertise set her apart. She asked probing, insightful questions which clarified our objectives.
    Adele Barlow
  • hypnotherapy hong kong
    It's a gift that keeps giving as hypnotherapy works when you're not in session. And powerful - Wow! After my second session I was able to make a tough decision that cost more the longer I delayed. After the third I was able to forge ahead with a project requiring a huge commitment. After the fourth session I feel incredibly calm, confident and positive.
    Amelia Marcopoto
  • Hypnosis Hypnotherapy testimonial Renewed Edge in hong kong hk
    She also understood what exactly the client wants to achieve and the often hidden cause of the client’s issues. I am very satisfied with the results and feel much better compared to before I first started the therapy. I would recommend anyone who have personal issues to seek help from Christine.
    Steven Cheung
  • Hypnosis treatment session Renewed Edge Hypnotherapy centre hong kong hk
    Hi Christine, I have to tell everyone that you have amazing personality and skills to understand someone’s problems. I did 2 treatments with her for my anxiety (health) and she gave me confidence and helped me to understand. I truly grateful for your help and hoping to get complete recovery soon. God bless
    Chad thenn
  • hypnotherapy for relaxation
    After years of battling with my weight, I was referred to Renewed Edge by a weight-loss specialist... I knew from my first call with Christine, that I wanted to deal with her... I had immediate results and have/ would recommend her to anyone who is in a seemingly impossible mental predicament. Thank you!
    Benjamin Timm