Hypnotherapy for Phobias at Renewed Edge

Release your fears and experience freedom with hypnotherapy

Whether you are dealing with a small fear or a phobia that is disrupting your life, the Renewed Edge Wellness Centre Team is here to support you. Imagine a life free from fears. Your relationships improve. Your productivity increases and your mental wellbeing soars.

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Success Story at Renewed Edge


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    No words exist to describe just how much Christine’s practice helped me and continue to do. The results have been astounding, interesting and somewhat unbelievable. I believe in myself, my strengths and my future and I owe so much of that to her. I have no doubt that she will help you too.
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    As I was in period of self-doubt, Christine was a big help for me, after our first consultation I could already feel the benefits. My relationships with horses also came back to the top and I was back on track sharper than ever before. I could not be more pleased to be under Christine’s guidance and it was a great experience. And I am truly grateful for her help.

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    My problem was that I did not feel at ease with people I did not know or in public. After a few sessions, I am much better and do not look the same.

hypnosis for phobias

What is Hypnotherapy? How Can It Help Me?

Hypnotherapy is a fast therapy that can help you release fears. This state of focused awareness helps you deal with the core of the issue and accelerate the process of desensitization. The result can be powerful: you stop living these fears. Instead, you can focus on what really matters and the quality of your life improves. As you channel your thoughts to meaningful goals, your mental and physical energy increases.

Hypnotherapy allows you to better communicate with yourself and release erroneous beliefs that limited your movements.

hypnosis for phobias

How does Hypnosis for Fears and Phobias Work?

Hypnotherapy for fears allows you to access inner resources to help you reframe the erroneous beliefs driving the phobia. Your body becomes more at ease and the triggers lose their power. During the sessions with your certified hypnotherapist, you will receive suggestions aimed at changing your perspective.

Hypnotherapy being a fast therapy, you can naturally notice significant improvements in just a few sessions. Real peace of mind is just a few clicks away, book with our hypnotherapist today and enjoy freedom.

hypnotherapy for fears and phobias

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Applications of Hypnotherapy for Phobias

Most of us need to travel by air. Flying does not have to be an ordeal. With hypnotherapy for the fear of flying, you can start experiencing calm and enjoy your journey onboard.
Hong Kong has a lot of towers. It is almost impossible to live, work and have fun in Hong Kong without going to a place on the high floor of a building. You can conquer the fear of heights and focus on being present.

Having a surgery can be stressful. In addition to dealing with all the paperwork, you may dread the prospect of being under anesthesia for hours or you may fear experiencing pain. Hypnosis has been used by medical practitioners to reduce anxiety before a surgery.

Students experience fears before exam. Athletes and performers all know the butterfly feelings in their stomachs. It is totally normal to be more vigilant. But when excess stress prevents you from performing at your best, you can turn to hypnotherapy to become your best self again.

Whether it is for an injection or a blood test, we all have to deal with needles. The fear of needles can prevent you from getting the treatments you need.
Building relationships is vital for your mental health and for your career prospects. There is no success for shy people and relationships are more likely to stay shallow if you fear meeting new people. Set yourself up for success with a fast therapy used by champions.
Modern life involves going through confined spaced like lifts or closed spaces like subways. The physical symptoms and the mental distress that comes with claustrophobia can disrupt your life.

At least one-third of our lives happens outside home. When people find places outside their home unsafe, they are less likely to build relationships and networks. They may not enjoy as much support in their personal lives and at work. Hypnosis can help you find relief from agoraphobia.

Are you feeling nervous when you stand in front of people? Glossophobia can not only reduce your career prospects but also make you too nervous to interact with others. Learn to love speaking in public with hypnosis.

Arachnophobia can create real hazard. If you are jumping, screaming, or freezing in place when you see the picture of a spider, you might put yourself in danger. The fear can be so overpowering that you don’t pay attention to the traffic and be solely focused on fleeing. Seek help today with Renewed Edge.
People who avoid places with snakes because of the fear of being bitten by one might have had a traumatic experience. If that fear is paralyzing you or leading to incoherent behaviour such as screaming and jumping when you see the picture of a snake, know that you can receive help.

The fear of dogs or cynophobia creates intense anxiety symptoms. The fear of dogs can impact relationships as many will avoid interacting with people who have dogs, including a family member.

Some people had no traumatic experience with a dog, but they may have met an aggressive dog, or they witnessed an incident involving a dog. Or they had a family member who suffered from the fear of dogs. Releasing that fear is about finding the freedom you had lost. Contact us today.

Hypnosis techniques can alleviate driving anxiety. Learn to enjoy driving with Renewed Edge!