Achieving Work-Life Balance through Hypnotherapy

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We spend between eight and 10 hours at work every day on average, and the rest of the day is spent juggling finances, personal responsibilities, relationships and other pressures. Even on our days off, we often spend time rushing from one … Read More

Reaching New Heights of Success through Hypnotherapy

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Success is often said to be a combination of hard work and good luck. However, most highly successful people acknowledge that there is another aspect to success: mindset. How you approach your challenges, move through obstacles and reach new achievements … Read More

The Role of Hypnotherapy in Corporate Wellness Programs

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Corporate wellness programs are becoming increasingly popular as more businesses recognize the inextricable role between employee wellness and overall success. Preventable diseases are taking a heavy toll in the workplace. According to the World Economic Forum, the cost of non-communicable … Read More

Hypnotherapy in Hong Kong Can Help to Relieve Insomnia

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Anyone who has chronic insomnia knows that it is much more than the occasional ability to fall or stay asleep. When it is due to certain sleep disorders, medicines or substances, insomnia is considered to be secondary. However, there are … Read More

How Hypnosis Can Help Manage Social Anxiety

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While many people may feel shy or anxious in social situations, social anxiety can be crippling. It can affect your friendships and other relationships as well as your career. At its worst, social anxiety can make you reluctant to leave … Read More

How Hypnotherapy Strengthens The Connection Between Your Mind and Body

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The connection between the mind and body is a powerful one, and this is demonstrated in the success of hypnotherapy to treat various physical ailments. Hypnosis was used in surgery in lieu of anesthesia in the 19th century and has … Read More

Renewing Your Health through Hypnotherapy

Although many people think of physical health and mental health as two separate things, they are inextricably linked. Good mental health tends to promote good physical health, and good physical health can promote good mental health. Unfortunately, when a person … Read More

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