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Renew your Edge with Renewed Edge Corporate Solutions

Corporate Wellbeing through 3 Pillars of Services


Access to the UpNow Self-Hypnosis App at any time and from anywhere (in English only)


Webinars and group sessions provided by coaches and therapists

Targeted Individualized Support

1-on-1 counselling and coaching sessions

What is an Employee Assistance Program or EAP?

An employee assistance program or EAP helps your employees navigate life challenges, pivot through life, and overcome adverse events. The result is healthier employees, better productivity, and better retention.

The Renewed Edge employee assistance programs are built on many disciplines stretching from health and wellness coaching, life coaching, executive coaching to counselling and hypnotherapy. We bring a wide range of delivery channels and disciplines to ensure that the EAP you put in front of your employees becomes a desirable workplace resource.

Hong Kong Employee Assistance Program


  • Cantonese
  • Mandarin
  • English
  • French

What you can gain with us

Recovery post Intervention*
Significant Benefits after 3 sessions*
Satisfaction with EAP programs*
Potential Savings in Production Loss (according to WHO)*
*According to multiple studies.

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Solution Focused EAP for all Employees: The Renewed Edge Difference

The Renewed Edge Hypnotherapy and Counselling Centre builds over years of support for athletes, professionals, couples, teenagers, and future parents.

We have helped thousands of people from diverse nationalities lead a healthier and happier life.

Our Scope
For Whom
  • Mothers-to-be
  • Professionals
  • Expats
  • Parents with children in transition
Why Choose Renewed Edge EAP
EAP Why Choose Us

Why Choose the Renewed Edge EAP?

The Renewed Edge EAP combines online and in-person interventions. It is suited to small and large companies and focuses on short-term realistic therapy goals.

Led by former banker and aeronautical engineer, Christine Deschemin, the Renewed Edge employee assistance program blends the most innovative techniques and provide access to a credentialled team of counsellors and coaches eager to help your employees.

The company’s mission is in its name. Contact us and start renewing your edge today.

Key Benefits

EAP Approach

Holistic Approach

Because we cover so many disciplines we can create a comprehensive plan that fits your need. We stay away from fads. We choose what works.

Employee Engagement

Increased Employee Engagement

Greater employee engagement means more invested employees can focus on improving services and products.

Better Net Promoter Score

Better Net Promoter Score

Happy employees become ambassadors. And EAP doesn’t belong to a cost centre. It is a great way to increase revenues.

What can we offer

No two employee assistance programs are similar. We offer a lifeline to your employees and support them regardless of the life stage they find themselves in.

Multi-Lingual Counselling Services for Couples

Many employees will need at one point in time counselling services for couples.

Multi-Lingual Counselling Services for Individuals

Everyone needs help. Our mental health counsellors provide support to employees.

Evidence-Based Hypnotherapy

Evidence-based hypnotherapy can help employees increase the performance and enhance the well-being.


  • Hypnosis Hypnotherapy testimonial Weight Loss slimming Diet Renewed Edge in hong kong hkeight loss Slimming hypnosis Diet hypnosis Diet hypnotherapy
    No words exist to describe just how much Christine’s practice helped me and continue to do. The results have been astounding, interesting and somewhat unbelievable. I believe in myself, my strengths and my future and I owe so much of that to her. I have no doubt that she will help you too.
  • hypnosis hong kong

    As I was in period of self-doubt, Christine was a big help for me, after our first consultation I could already feel the benefits. My relationships with horses also came back to the top and I was back on track sharper than ever before. I could not be more pleased to be under Christine’s guidance and it was a great experience. And I am truly grateful for her help.

  • hypnosis hong kong

    My problem was that I did not feel at ease with people I did not know or in public. After a few sessions, I am much better and do not look the same.



Solution focused employee assistance program provider should offer a wide range of access points to employees. Good Mental Health needs to be fostered in a continuous basis. By providing access to mobile applications, thematic workshops, and one-to-one counselling and coaching sessions, Renewed Edge offers targeted solutions for men and women.

The time needed to on-board depends on the number of employees and the services you are choosing for them. Contact us today for more information.

We accompany your employees with evidence-based methods and help them navigate towards better health. Examples of topics are eating disorders, anxiety, phobias, and burnout.