Renewed Edge Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification and Diploma

Change Lives Today with our Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification

Imagine changing peoples’ lives for the better. By becoming a certified hypnotherapist, you do not only get to enjoy one of the most rewarding professions by helping others, you also make a positive impact on their families and their loved ones.

The Renewed Edge Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification equips you with the skills you need to succeed.

Reserve your Seat today with the best hypnotherapy training school and start Changing Lives!

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Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification and Diploma

Summer Cohort - June to Nov 2024

Sign up by 29th May 2024

Start on 1st June 2024

Graduate in March 2025

Winter Cohort -
January to May 25

Sign up by 9th January 2025

Start on 11th January 2025

Graduate in October 2025


Sign up for the free webinar on how “Self-hypnosis can change your life” and discover the many ways this training can make a positive impact on your life.

Wednesday 25th May – 12pm to 1pm, Instructor: Christine Deschemin

Who is this Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification Course for?

This course is for people who want to become hypnotherapists, coaches looking to add a great tool to effect positive change in people lives or for people who want to develop self-help skills. The Renewed Edge Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification Course helps you join the largest and oldest hypnosis association, the NGH.

Future Hypnotherapists

Coaches, Counsellors and Psychologists

Anyone interested in evidence-based self-help

Why Should You Become a Certified Hypnotherapist in Hong Kong?

Practicing clinical hypnotherapy is more than a way to help people. It is a way to help clients develop skills that will last them a lifetime. By becoming a hypnotherapist, you can help enjoy a better health and achieve their potential.

Fast therapy

Increased global recognition

Wide applications

(mental health, pain management, anesthesia to personal development)

Why Choose the Renewed Edge Counselling & Hypnosis Centre?

  • We are Hong Kong’s leading Counselling and Hypnotherapy Centre
  • Our clinical hypnotherapy certification is from the NGH (the oldest and largest hypnosis association)
  • We offer the most comprehensive clinical hypnosis certification training.
  • You will learn from a passionate instructor trained in France, the U.S. and the UK. As a result, your hypnosis certification course combines multiple hypnotic techniques taught in different languages.
  • We do not specialize in one particular hypnosis technique. We believe that a hypnotherapist needs to master all techniques. 
  • We stay abreast of research on hypnotherapy. Check our hypnosis blog
  • In addition to conducting hypnotherapy sessions, we also designed the first self-hypnosis app in Asia. 
  • We conduct hypnotherapy sessions in multiple languages. Therefore, we are aware of cultural differences.




4.9 / 5

Google Reviews

Students Trust the Renewed Edge Hypnotherapy School

  • Rachael Desgouttes
    What an exceptional experience. Two packed days of information and hands on experience which left me equipped to undertake multi-faceted improvements in my attitude to problems, and life in general! The tuition was thorough, organised and sequential. Christine’s delivery is mellifluous and patient. The balance of learning and application perfect. Overall thoroughly worthwhile and rewarding.
    Rachael Desgouttes
  • hypnosis certification testimonial
    I attended the Self-hypnosis training with Christine and it was absolutely eye-opening and awakening! I came out of the training with enough practice and knowledge to continue my own self-development journey. Thank you!
    Janardhan, Professional
  • hypnotherapy course testimonial HK
    Thank you for a fascinating introduction to self-hypnosis! I've joined Module 2 and intend to complete the Module 3 as well this year.    I've come away from the course with a renewed sense of optimism about the possibilities for lasting change and improvements ,and can't wait to enjoy the benefits I know will come from regular practice.  I look forward to continuing down this path!
    Phil, Teacher

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The Renewed Edge Hypnotherapy Diploma Curriculum

Your NGH Hypnosis Certification Awaits You!

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The NGH is the largest and oldest hypnosis membership organization and one of the most coveted hypnotherapy certifications.

20,000+ members in 93 countries.

Where to Study Hypnotherapy in Hong Kong

Sign Up for the Full Hypnotherapy Training Course (modules 1 to 5) and enjoy:

  • 10% off when you sign up for all modules 1 to 5 (only US$4,530)
  • Complimentary access to your course: Setting Up My Business
  • Training Methods: Online training and self-paced study​

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Receive 10% off your next counselling or hypnotherapy session at Renewed Edge (valid for 30 days from date of signup)

Your Facilitator and Instructor

Christine Deschemin
counseling services hong kong

Christine Deschemin received her diploma in Hypnotherapy in France, where education in the field of hypnosis and the use of reserved titles such as “hypnotherapist” are regulated.

In addition to France, she has trained in the US and the UK and is the Founder of the UpNow self-hypnosis app.

Your Career Pathway as a Hypnotherapist

The Complete Clinical Hypnotherapy Training

Module 1: Self-Hypnosis Techniques

Start experiencing the benefits of self-hypnosis: better sleep, more resilience, more peace, less pain, and less stress. It is said that all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. 

With the first module of the Renewed Edge clinical hypnotherapy curriculum, you will learn all you need to enjoy this powerful technique. You will also build strong foundations for the rest of the course.

This workshop is facilitated by Christine Deschemin, the founder of the Renewed Edge Hypnotherapy Centre and the UpNow Self-Hypnosis app.

Discover more.

Module 2: Foundation in Hypnosis

In this module, you will understand the workings of the mind, including the subconscious mind, and you will learn how to perform hypnotherapy and conduct a session from beginning to end. 

By applying your skills to stress management, you will be able to build strong foundations to help clients with stress relief. 

You will continue to learn additional skills in modules 3 and beyond.

Discover more.


Module 3: Advanced Certificate in Hypnosis

Are you interested in doing more than managing stress? In this advanced module, you will learn and do more than just managing stress. 

You can start facilitating behavioural changes such as weight loss, smoking cessation, better eating habits, or better sleep habits. This module will help you get the tools you need to Renew Your Edge.

Discover more.

Module 4 & 5: Specialist Certificate in Clinical Hypnotherapy

Well done! At this stage, you are just a few weeks away from completion of all training. 

In these modules we will cover advanced techniques to cover a variety of issues, from pain management to hypnosis for birth or anxiety for instance. 

You will learn advanced therapeutic techniques to be able to help anyone and you will extend your repertoire by working with specialized groups such as children, teenagers, women about to give birth. These hypnotic techniques include age regression. 

At the end of module 5, you will have completed your clinical hypnotherapy certification course. And you can seek hypnotherapy certification with the NGH. And you will be able to use the title “hypnotherapist.”


Module 6: Setting Up your Wellness Business

We want all our students to be successful. Getting started in the field of clinical hypnotherapy might be no easy task. 

In this course, you will learn the basics of business and avoid wasting time and money.

This course is open to hypnotherapists and wellness entrepreneurs.  


You Too Can be a Successful Hypnotherapist!

Read our Clinical Hypnotherapy Training FAQs

You need a qualification which prepares you for this rewarding job and which allows you to practice almost anywhere you go.

With the NGH-approved Hypnotherapy Certification provided by our lead instructor, you can trust that your skills are portable.

The NGH being the largest and oldest hypnosis association, their certification is more likely to be recognized where you go next. Sign up and become a certified hypnotherapist today!

It takes about a year to complete all the modules. In addition to the exhaustive content taught in class, you need a lot of practice to absorb all the learning.

The best hypnotherapy course distills all the information you need at the right pace.

In order to receive your Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma and apply for certification with the NGH, you must complete all modules 1 to 5 successfully.

For each module of the Renewed Edge online Hypnotherapy Training (except for Module 1) you will receive a certificate of completion. 

You must successfully complete all hypnotherapy modules from 1 to 5.

You can check our terms and conditions for more information.

Once you pay the module fee, you are all set. There is no extra fee for the NGH certificate.

The certificate comes from the NGH organization in the US. We cannot vouch for the postal service.

As soon as we receive your hypnotherapy certification, we will send it to you.

Absolutely. You can enjoy a 10% discount on your complete hypnotherapy training when you sign up for all modules.

You will have 18 months to complete your hypnotherapy courses from the beginning date of module 1 (self-hypnosis practitioner)

We recommend that you complete modules 1, 2 and 6.

You will gain the necessary knowledge to help your client manage stress with hypnosis.

If you are a life coach focused on behavioural change, you will greatly benefit from module 3 where we tackle the topics of weight loss, smoking cessation, achieving better sleep, and building better habits.

Finally many students start with the plan of completing the first modules before they complete the whole clinical hypnotherapy training and become a hypnotherapist. 

Th rules around how to become a licensed hypnotherapist vary per country. Please contact the relevant authority and check the licensing requirements and the hypnotherapy qualifications needed.

Professional who invest in the right education and who continue developing always outperform the others. This rule applies to professional hypnotherapists as well.

With the business skills that we teach in module 6, you can avoid the most important pitfalls and start on the right footing.

All these factors contribute to therapists being able to make a good living while helping others.

Manu programs from “hypnotherapy training schools” can provide you with a hypnotist diploma after completing a 100-hour training.

Our training is comprehensive. With Renewed Edge, you become more than a hypnotist.

You learn the right hypnosis techniques and you gain valuable knowledge to become a hypnotherapist.

We invite you to check our prices above.

The Mind-Body connection teaches us that the mind influences the body.

Whether you are interested in developing your potential, managing stressors or a chronic condition under the supervision of a medical practitioner, you can greatly enjoy this clinical hypnotherapy training.

Learning to let go does not come easy for everyone. Let us help you lead a healthier and happier life.

Except for unavoidable reasons like sick leave, you cannot skip any of the hypnotherapy courses.

You are training to learn a new skill. Give yourself the time required to learn it.

For modules 2 to 6, you must have completed the previous modules and obtained a passing grade. 

We teach the hypnosis training program in English.

We teach evidence-based methods for applications backed by studies. As a result, we do not cover such a topic.