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One Hypnotherapy Session for Motivation I wasn't expecting anything particular when I went to see Christine, I was just curious to discover more about hypnosis. I was first amazed by our call when I took my appointment as she was already able to point out where my struggle was. She is insightful and lucid, without explaining much to her she was able to understand precisely my limitations. The only session I had with her had a big impact, I was surprised by the physical impact it had on me. But most of all, she gave me a new thought, something precious I use every day and that is very useful to move on in life. So I definitely recommend it to anyone who has a target to achieve. Thanks a lot, Christine! Read More
Anonymous - Hong Kong*
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Christine at Renewed Edge has been simply amazing, transforming my self perception positively and effectively, far beyond what I hoped when I first came to her. I see myself as a strong person but was paralyzed faced with certain challenges. Struggling with a troubled childhood and limiting self perception for years, I've tried psychologists but found most a waste of time (the one I do respect is gives me no-nonsense practical advice). Researching the field, I'm unconvinced that form of therapy is effective. I came to hypnotherapy from reading how effective it in quitting smoking - now that's a tough habit to crack. The educated and educating approach Christine takes is in line with how I want to self-heal and redefine myself. And it truly is healing. Neuroscience and research-based yet safe caring and gentle The restful state of hypnosis will feel familiar to those who've done Shamatha or mindfulness meditation - except hypnotherapy is highly purposeful. At each session Christine discusses my goals and needs, and prompted my subconscious to achieve them. Consecutive sessions (spanning 8 months) begin with updates and assessments. She is compassionate yet super smart and methodical. I'm astounded how organic and natural the process is. It's a gift that keeps giving as hypnotherapy works when you're not in session. And powerful - Wow! After my second session I was able to make a tough decision that cost more the longer I delayed. After the third I was able to forge ahead with a project requiring a huge commitment. After the fourth session I feel incredibly calm, confident and positive. And the beginnings of freedom from limiting perceptions ingrained as a child, which are the toughest to identify and change. Thank you, thank you Christine. I'm grateful to you (and my own brain) for guiding me to a Good Place. Me. Read More
Amelia Marcopoto - Hong Kong*
Hypnosis Hypnotherapy testimonial Renewed Edge in hong kong hk
  Before I first met Christine, I was not new to alternative methods of therapy such as singing bowl, meditation and hypnotherapy itself. I also tried self-help books and self affirmations. However, I still had the feelings of missing an extra piece, one extra step and occasional episodes of anxiety, lack of confidence. Then all of a sudden I found Renewed Edge and decided to give a try after speaking to Christine on the phone. Right at the first session, I could see Christine's systematic and practical methodology was the exact method that I want. She corrected a lot of my distorted beliefs and found several hidden issues in my childhood that I was unable to see. Although I was never sure how many sessions I would need, I was quite confident that I was getting better each session. External circumstances might not have changed a lot but how I approached and saw them changed a lot after I completed the therapy. Christine helped me see myself and my world in a different perspective and approach life differently. Mission completed, I would say. I recommended one of my friends to see Christine and I can feel my friend is already feeling better after a couple of sessions. Thank you, Christine! Steven Cheung Read More
Steven Cheung - Hong Kong*
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Hypnotherapy for executives in Hong Kong - Testimonial I am an executive in the financial services. Like many building a career in this profession, it has been a rocky road - further compounded by being an outspoken woman with high performance standards -- prone to severe anxiety attacks and dark depressive episodes.  The latter was paralysing my performance at work (stress, burnouts, near weeping episodes) and stealing moments from my personal relationships. I had tried medication, CBT (cognitive behaviour therapy), yoga, etc to varying degrees of success, but none long lasting. When I met Christine, I was weary of trying different approaches, skeptical of hypnotherapy and concerned about its costs. I discussed all this with Christine. Talking with her made me take a leap of faith and sign up with her. Only three sessions down, and for the first time in years I feel like I have clarity, confidence and most importantly compassion for myself. Deep rooted perspectives have shifted. Mental and emotional baggage have lightened. And better belief systems have formed. Christine's straightforward and genuine approach coupled with her deep corporate and hypnotherapy experience is a unique combination. For any corporate looking to engage with her to build high-performance teams, or for professionals seeking to bring their best selves out  - I highly recommend Christine. She has helped me find my inner superhero! Read More
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Getting Slimmer with hypnosis Here is Benjamin's testimonial about getting slimmer with hypnosis. My name is Benjamin. I am an English teacher. For nearly 20 years of my life I had struggled with my weight management. I would describe myself as being a compulsive eater. I tried diets and exercising intermittently, throughout my adult life but never succeeded in losing weight healthily and consistently. In November 2017, I was required to undergo a physical examination by my medical insurance company. The doctor conducting the examination suggested that I consider consulting Christine for assistance with weight management. I consulted her the same day to find out if she felt that she could help me and I immediately felt cared for and positive about finally getting the help I needed to live a healthier life. The sessions were more helpful than I could have ever imagined and helped me shed more than just my physical weight. No words exist to describe just how much Christine’s practice helped me and continue to do. The results have been astounding, interesting and somewhat unbelievable. I believe in myself, my strengths and my future and I owe so much of that to her. I have no doubt that she will help you too. Benjamin Read More
Benjamin - Hong Kong*
I recently encountered a deep emotional condition which came out of left field. Knowing I needed to take care of it right away, I considered the options available. Being somewhat skeptical about the effectiveness of psychiatrists, I decided to give hypnotherapy a try. I had never tried hypnosis and was slightly worried about being “conditioned” without being aware of the process and happenings. Renewed Edge had been mentioned in a conversation and I decided to give them a try. After two sessions, I have to admit the results are quite remarkable. The emotions that had surfaced so intensely were completely relieved and there was a renewed sense of confidence and positivity. Until now, I am confident that these feelings will not manifest themselves again. But in the event that they do, I will again turn to Renewed Edge. Read More
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Here is a professional jockey's testimonial about hypnosis. My name is Olivier. I am a professional Jockey. I have been riding in horse races all around the world for more than 30 years. After a fall in a race in 2014 I had to stop riding. The doctors decided to bar me from competition for eight months and they were even encouraging me to consider retirement. Thankfully, the problem was solved after eight months and the doctors allowed me to compete again. To be away for a long period of time and to try to come back at the top is a difficult task! But I had the chance to meet Christine at that time and decided to consult her. In my profession the mind plays a very important part as decisions need to be taken very fast and they can make the difference between winning and losing. Self-belief also plays an important part. As I was in period of self-doubt, Christine was a big help for me, after our first consultation I could already feel the benefits. My relationships with horses also came back to the top and I was back on track sharper than ever before. I could not be more pleased to be under Christine’s guidance and it was a great experience. And I am truly grateful for her help. Read More
Olivier - Hong Kong*
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I always knew and felt that a part of me wasn't able to drive me forward and think bigger. It took me a while to realize that I lacked self-confidence. Everything in my childhood and in my life went really well so I did not understand why I had this feeling deep inside. When I heard Christine talk about hypnosis at a conference, I thought that she could be the answer to the problem I had not been able to overcome on my own. It was not only the theory around hypnosis but also Christine's personality that appealed to me. So I contacted her. I did a first session and I started understanding a lot about myself. I felt that I needed a second session, which I had. Now I feel different. My inner talk changed. I talk to myself differently, more kindly, more confidently. My thoughts are more positive, objective, and uplifting. I feel really good now! Thank you Christine.   Read More
Claire - Hong Kong*
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Like most, I was at first skeptical with seeing a hypnotherapist regarding the underlying worries I've had for many years until I met Christine.   Right from the first session I had with Christine, I was able to feel the immediate effects that were deep within my subconscious mind that I never realised were the root causes of my worries. Christine was able to help unreel these worries one by one - she effectively helped me come to terms with fixing my problems. I was incredibly shocked and amazed at the interactive techniques she used and certainly none that I've experienced before - it was to say the least impressive!   I cannot thank Christine enough for the help she has provided me. I am a much better and happier person after seeing her. I would certainly recommend any skeptical individual to see Christine who wishes to use an alternative therapy such as hypnotherapy - you will be amazed at the results!   Thank you Christine! Read More
Henry - Hong Kong*