Quit Smoking Hypnosis

We help people stop smoking for good with hypnosis in as little as 2 sessions and help them maintain their weight.

If your objective is to quit smoking hypnosis can help you. Because hypnotherapy makes it easier to get rid of tobacco-based products. Imagine a life when you are free of tobacco and you gain freedom and peace of mind

How Did Hypnosis Help Steve Quit Smoking?

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Give Up Smoking Hypnosis in Hong Kong

Smoking is detrimental to our health. And yet many people can find it difficult to stop smoking despite the constant reminders of growing symptoms of illness. What differentiates hypnotherapy from any other technique is its ability to help you connect with the inner part of yourself and make the positive changes you want to make. Book with our hypnotherapist today and see for yourself!

Does Hypnotherapy Work for Smoking?

Hypnosis for smoking works, even when everything has failed. If you have tried quitting smoking in the past and failed, this therapy might be exactly what you need to make this welcome change and reclaim your health and wellbeing as a non-smoker.

Try Hypnotherapy for Smoking Cessation Near Me!

If you have tried counselling, lozenges or other nicotine replacement treatments, it’s time to give hypnosis for smoking a try. This method is safe, non-invasive and can yield long-term results. The Renewed Edge Counselling and Hypnotherapy Centre has helped people from all walks of life need a healthier life.

Smoking is poisonous. Stop smoking hypnosis can help you follow up with your smoking cessation plan. Your body deserves it. Your future deserves it. Contact us and learn more about quitting smoking hypnotherapy in Hong Kong.

Stop smoking hypnosis near me Hypnotherapy
hypnotherapy for smoking cessation near me Hong Kong

Stop Smoking Hypnosis Near Me. What Should I expect?

With the Renewed Edge Wellness Centre, you have access to a team of compassionate counsellors, coaches, and hypnotherapists. Our integrated approach places you at the centre of everything we do. With stop smoking hypnosis in Hong Kong, you can regain control over your behaviours. You can gain a mindset that frees you from harmful smoking habits.

From the very first session, you will start to experience self-hypnosis. Your hypnotherapist will compose a bespoke session based on your history, habits, and your goals.

What Will You Gain Once You Quit Smoking?

  • Feel in control again – the urge to smoke is gone
  • Feel the freedom to be a non-smoker – You can easily say no to cigarettes
  • Save money ( and spend it on things you really need or want)
  • Better health – you can breathe more easily and you keep your body away from the harmful compounds found in cigarettes
  • More peace – the worry around quitting smoking subsides
  • Smell fresh and clean – no more cigarette smoke
  • Go back to what you loved but put on the side (that you have more time and money for it)
  • Spend more time with the people you love – has it come up your attention that some people might have avoided you because you smoked?
  • Control your emotions – many have used hypnotherapy to control emotions

Hypnotherapy To Give Up Smoking

We understand that giving up smoking is not easy. We deal with matters most, you! By working on the underlying emotions behind the urge to smoke, we can help you make the change permanent. Because we go after the root of the problem, we have helped the majority of our clients give up smoking with hypnosis in only 2 sessions.

We take into account:

  • Your lifestyle and habits
  • Your emotional health
  • The stress level you are experiencing
  • Distracting behaviours


Does hypnotherapy work for stopping smoking? Research suggests it does!

Studies, including randomized controlled trials, show that stop smoking hypnosis can help you get rid of this bad habit. This mind-body technique allows you to leverage your natural ability to choose better options. Administered by a certified hypnotherapist, give up smoking hypnosis can become a game changer on your journey to better health. Contact us today for more information on our “quit smoking cigarettes” program.

In our quest to help you renew your edge, we always explore better options to serve our clients. We design the UpNow self-hypnosis app as a companion that you can take with you at home or when you’re travelling. The UpNow self-hypnosis app contains a large repertoire of hypnosis audios including one to stop smoking. Download it today.

Stop smoking hypnosis prices can vary depending on the experience of the hypnotherapist. Our price list is on the Renewed Edge booking page. Make sure to check the credentials of your hypnotherapist. And remember that hypnotherapy is a fast therapy. It is a worthwhile investment in your health and your future. The quit smoking hypnosis cost is a fraction of the savings you can make. Book your next stop smoking hypnosis session with us today!

You already feel committed to becoming a non-smoker. That is excellent news! It is the very first step on this healing journey. But you are not quite sure what to expect. Making the most of your next hypnotherapy session requires honesty, consistency, and discipline to focus on what you want. Stop smoking hypnotists can help you.


Remember that your stop smoking hypnotist will be your guide on this healing journey. Share all relevant information during the first hypnotherapy session, including potential use of nicotine replacement methods. Your hypnotherapist is not going to hypnotize you to quit smoking. Instead, she will guide you into a state of self-hypnosis where you can start making positive changes. Quits moking hypnotism requires your full participation.

We understand that the search “hypnosis near me” or “best quit smoking hypnosis near me” might not yield enough solutions. Therefore, we offer online hypnotherapy for a variety of issues, including smoking. Depending on your needs, you can switch from in-person sessions to online therapy. Contact us for more information on how we can help you quit smoking successfully

Every client comes with a unique set of circumstances. Consequently, assessing the number of sessions needed before you finally quit smoking depends on your adherence to the smoking cessation program and your history. This being said, most of our clients stopped smoking after one or two sessions.

You’ve tried many alternative smoking cessation aids, including nicotine replacement therapy, with limited success. You might even be suffering from nicotine addiction. Anti-smoking hypnosis uses clinical hypnosis techniques that can also be used in medical hypnosis. Hypnotherapists use these methods to help you kick the smoking habit.

A hypnotherapy session requires the client to follow a process. A person cannot be hypnotized to quit smoking against their will.

In addition, every individual is unique and might need a different number of sessions.

As a result we don’t offer “guaranteed quit smoking hypnosis.”