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We help people stop smoking for good with hypnosis in as little as 2 sessions and help them maintain their weight.

If your objective is to quit smoking hypnosis can help you. Because hypnotherapy makes it easier to get rid of tobacco-based products. Imagine a life when you are free of tobacco and you gain freedom and peace of mind

How Did Hypnosis Help Steve Quit Smoking?

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Hypnosis for smoking works, even when everything has failed

If you have tried quitting smoking in the past and failed, hypnosis might be exactly what you need to make this welcome change and reclaim your health and wellbeing as a non-smoker.


What Will You Gain Once You Quit Smoking?

What Will You Gain Once You Quit Smoking?

Feel in control again – the urge to smoke is gone

Feel the freedom to be a non-smoker – You can easily say no to cigaretteds

Save money ( and spend it on things you really need or want)

Better health – you can breathe more easily and you keep your body away from the harmful compounds found in cigarettes

More peace – the worry around quitting smoking subsides

Smell fresh and clean – The smell is cigarette is gone

Go back to what you loved but put on the side (that you have more time and money for it)

Spend more time with the people you love – has it come up your attention that some people might have avoided you because you smoked?

How Is Our Hypnotherapy To Give Up Smoking Program Different?

We understand that giving up smoking is not easy. We deal with matters most, you! By working on the underlying emotions behind the urge to smoke, we can help you make the change permanent. Because we go after the root of the problem, we have helped the majority of our clients give up smoking with hypnosis in only 2 sessions.

We take into account:

  • Your lifestyle and habits
  • Your emotional health
  • The stress level you are experiencing
  • Distracting behaviours