Divorce is one of the most stressful life events that anyone can experience. It can produce any number of feelings, including anger, sadness, worry about the future, and grief for everyone involved.

Unresolved feelings such as these can lead to the development of chronic physical and mental health symptoms.

Hypnotherapy is an effective way to eliminate post-divorce anxiety and recover from its negative effects.

Effects of Stress

Divorce can be an emotional trauma that understandably leads to stress. However, once the time has come to rebuild your life and move on, it is not uncommon to find that you are unable to do so and have difficulty letting go of the stress. Eventually, stress can lead to a number of physical and mental health issues that can have some serious consequences. For instance, long-term stress can lead to:

• Trouble sleeping

• A weakened immune system

• Migraines


• High blood pressure

• Digestive tract disorders

• Increased risk of heart attack

It is important to find a way to cope with the anxiety and avoid these problems. You can get your life back on track and heal.

Healing the Wounded Self

Not everyone who goes through a stressful life event such as divorce develops a full-blown anxiety disorder, but almost everyone experiences some form of anxiety as a result.

After the divorce, it can be difficult to rebuild your life, and the anxiety can become chronic if something is not done. This can result in what is known as the wounded self. If the wounded self is not reconciled, anxiety can lead to depression and eventually a full-blown mental health disorder.

Finding ways to reduce stress, like using hypnotherapy, and allowing the wounded self to heal is essential to regain control of your life and celebrate this time of new beginnings.

Hypnotherapy as a Solution

Hypnosis has proven to be an effective way to reduce anxiety from many different causes. In some cases, it can be combined with coaching or other therapies for an extra benefit. Hypnosis can teach you to reduce anxiety and recognize when you are experiencing harmful stress. It gives you a way to heal and a way to regain your life, especially in cases of divorce.

If you have recently experienced a divorce and are having trouble with any of the symptoms of stress, it is time to take control and get your life back together.

Change is always difficult, but there are noninvasive ways that can help you learn to cope and avoid the long-term harmful effects of stress.

You should learn to do much more than surviving, you should learn to thrive.

If you want an effective way to make the most of the changes in your life, contact Renewed Edge in Hong Kong for a consultation, and get on the road to healing.