Getting relief for pain, and chronic pain in particular, can be a challenge. It may be difficult to find medication that is both effective and safe to take over the long term. Furthermore, medication can have significant side effects. Hypnosis for pain management can be an excellent alternative. Combined with hypnosis for fears and phobias, it can make treatment for many conditions more effective.  

Hypnosis and Neurology 

Even if you have been searching for “hypnosis for pain management near me,” you may wonder just how effective hypnotherapy can be. In the 19th century, hypnosis for pain management was widely and successfully used in surgery. Over the past 20 years, studies have looked at how hypnosis works on the brain and have found that it affects how the nervous system responds to pain. The changes it causes in the brain are consistent with those that occur when a person feels pain reduction in other situations. Pain relief from hypnosis is a real physical occurrence. 

Chronic Pain and Hypnosis 

While most researchers agree that further studies on hypnosis for chronic pain management are needed to get a better sense of how to make hypnotherapy most effective for the largest population, study after study has found it successfully combats pain related to many conditions. For example, two separate studies of cancer patients who were treated with hypnosis for pain management found that they had a substantial reduction in pain. In a French study on the effectiveness of hypnosis for chronic pain management in arthritis patients, through six months of follow-up, patients had a substantial reduction in pain. A 1997 study of children with pain from sickle cell disease found that there were fewer pain episodes in those who were taught hypnosis techniques to manage their pain. 

If you experience chronic pain on a regular basis, you may have looked online for “hypnosis for pain management near me.” Working with a practitioner who is skilled in hypnotherapy for pain reduction may help you. 

Dealing With Fear and Phobias 

Chronic pain can lead to phobias around conditions that are associated with the pain. Fears and phobias might also develop in the absence of chronic pain. Hypnosis for fears and phobias can address this.  

In 1983, a study examined the cases of two women who had developed dental and needle phobia after traumatic dental experiences as children. Both women were desensitized by being exposed to dentists while in a state of hypnosis. In both cases, their fear was significantly reduced, and they were able to get the dental care they needed.  

Another case study involving hypnosis for fears and phobias looked at the case of a teenage girl who had developed a fear of choking. This caused her to stop eating and lose weight. The girl underwent multiple sessions of hypnosis with good results, and three years later, she still retained the benefits of her hypnosis treatment.  

Additional Benefits 

A large-scale review of studies on hypnosis for chronic pain management also found additional benefits reported by clinicians. For example, clinicians said many participants described being more relaxed and having more energy. Even participants who did not report a significant drop in chronic pain continued using hypnosis because it contributed to their overall well-being and sometimes helped with short-term pain. 

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