Workday stress is not always easy to shake off at the end of a long, hard day at work. For some people, that kind of stress is not confined to work, and it may not even be limited to a single long or difficult day. It may continue to plague them for weeks, months, or longer. Chronic stress is a common problem that affects about one out of three young people in Hong Kong. When you feel stressed or anxious, the feeling is not limited to your emotions or mental health, and it can have far-reaching effects on your body and wellbeing. Hypnotherapy for anxiety and stress can help. With stress relief hypnosis, you can learn to relax and take control of any situation.

What You Need to Know About Stress

Work deadlines, health worries, time crunches, family issues, and other concerns are all common sources of stress. All of these issues trigger a little alarm located deep inside the brain. Also known as the amygdala, this little alarm interprets what you see and hear. When it recognizes something that it sees as dangerous, it sends an alert to the hypothalamus, which acts as a control center.

The hypothalamus communicates with the rest of the body through the autonomic nervous system, which controls essential functions, such as heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing rate. Your body responds with a flood of hormones triggering numerous physiological changes. This is why you get sweaty, breathe faster, and feel tense when you are stressed. You are experiencing the fight-or-flight response.

This response is an important survival mechanism that helps us respond with lightning quickness to potentially life-threatening situations often before our conscious minds even recognize the danger. In some cases, the response engages, reacting and overreacting to non-threatening scenarios, such as work presentation or harmless insects.

Stress relief hypnosis can empower you to take control of any stressful situation with powerful coping mechanisms that stop the worry before it starts.

The Risks of Uncontrolled Stress

While the stress response is normal, frequent or constant low-level activation is not normal. Our bodies are designed to return to their natural balance, and when we stay at a heightened level of stress, we may be at an increased risk of potentially serious health issues, including:

While the sympathetic nervous system act as the gas pedal to get the motor of your stress response going for a quick and decisive response against any threats, the parasympathetic nervous system counteracts to calm the body once the threat has passed. Hypnosis for stress management works with this part of your nervous system, activating it to calm and restore your body.

The parasympathetic nervous system is also called the rest-and-digest response, and it works to lower your blood pressure, slow your breathing, and reduce your heart rate. Research shows that hypnosis for stress management actively increases parasympathetic activity and regulates the autonomic nervous system. The result is that you feel calmer and more relaxed as your body begins to heal and your mind begins to calm. You are relaxing and rejuvenating your soul and spirit. You can enjoy this renewal each time you experience hypnotherapy for anxiety and stress, too, as it helps you develop improved stress management skills and coping mechanisms.

Embracing Freedom with Stress Relief Hypnosis

Chronic low-level stress will keep your internal motor running on high, triggering physiological changes that increase the risk of fat storage, weight gain, inflammation, and other health risks. Hypnotherapy for stress can switch off that stress and help you retake control of your life and your future.

Deeply relaxing hypnotherapy for anxiety and stress can empower you to set down your emotional and mental burdens as you unwind. You can focus your concentration and finally put a stop to the worries and rumination. With hypnotherapy for stress, you can even develop new coping skills, such as mindfulness, visualization, time management, and reframing. Visit Renewed Edge today to learn more about the power of hypnosis for stress management or to schedule your consultation with our hypnotherapist.