Is stress aging you prematurely? The inflammation associated with stress may be taking a heavier toll on your body than you realize. Also known as inflammaging, this kind of chronic low-grade inflammation accumulates over time and damages your skin and other tissues. Inflammaging is associated with many other age-related problems, including diabetes and atherosclerosis. Self-hypnosis for anxiety can help you combat premature aging by helping you get your stress under control.

After a long or difficult day, you might have noticed that you look drawn or more tired than usual. Stress is tiring on its own, causing your heart and body to work harder to get you through the day. Chronic stress adds an additional layer of strain on your body, increasing your risk of heart disease, lowering immunity, and prematurely aging not just your skin but your cells.

Each time your cells divide, little bits of DNA and telomeres, which are proteins, at the end of chromosomes, erode just a bit. Eventually, there is neither enough DNA nor telomere for the cell to continue dividing. Research shows that chronic stress can shorten telomere length, causing you to age even faster.

In one study, highly stressed women aged between nine and 17 years faster than their low-stress peers. Inflammaging and oxidative stress can take a heavy toll on your body and your appearance. You can fight back with self-hypnosis for stress relief.

self-hypnosis for stress relief

Self-Hypnosis for Anxiety and Stress

Humans are uniquely designed to withstand the rigors of daily life. Our nervous system’s stress response engages when exposed to perceived threats. It sends a flood of stress hormones throughout the body to prepare us to protect ourselves. Once the threat is gone, our system returns to a baseline. Chronic stress interferes with that natural response and keeps our stress response engaged and inflammation high. Self-hypnosis can help you build your resilience and calm your stress response.

While your body is well-designed to handle short, intense periods of stress, long periods of chronic stress put a strain on your body, health, and emotions. Self-hypnosis for anxiety is a deeply relaxing practice, but it does more than simply calm you. It transforms the way you think and how you approach stressful situations so that they cause less stress to you and your body.

Your body’s reactions are largely automatic, requiring little or no thought. In other words, you cannot control the way you react. Worse, your stress is amplified when you focus on the negatives about a situation, worry about the worst-case scenario, or personalize an issue or blame yourself for it. These are thinking patterns that start deep in the subconscious, and they, too, are automatic. You cannot simply stop thinking negatively because you choose to think positively.

While you cannot consciously change your automatic behaviors, self-hypnosis for stress relief works subconsciously to address the thought patterns and mindsets that form their foundation. Self-hypnosis for anxiety and stress can help you get at the root cause of your stress by helping you reframe your negative thoughts and calm your mind.

With self-hypnosis for anxiety, you can feel more empowered as you approach any scenario and feel confident as you face any challenge. Research shows that self-hypnosis can be a powerful ally in the fight against stress. In a review of studies, the majority of those evaluated showed significant stress reduction in those who used hypnosis compared to control groups. In one study, researchers declared that self-hypnosis offered a safe, non-addictive, and cost-effective therapy for anxiety-related conditions.

Getting your stress under control might just be the key to looking and feeling younger, healthier, and happier. Visit Renewed Edge to learn more about self-hypnosis for stress relief for combating stress and premature aging or schedule a consultation with our hypnotherapist.