It is not uncommon to be afraid of flying. While traveling by plane is actually one of the safest modes of transport, this is not a rational fear, and when another crash is in the news, your fears may be ratcheted up again. Fear of flying can have a detrimental effect on your life, keeping you from visiting loved ones or accepting job opportunities that involve frequent travel. Even if you manage to force yourself to get on a plane in these situations, the flights may be miserable and terrifying. Medication can provide a temporary fix in some cases but comes with side effects and does not address the long-term problem. Hypnosis to overcome fear of flying can make your next journey by plane an entirely different experience and can permanently change the experience of air travel for you.

Fear of Flying Hypnosis

If the experience of flying is a fear trigger for you, then it does not matter how many statistics you read about the safety of air travel compared to driving somewhere in your car or any other mode of travel. That fear response that you have feels completely involuntary. It may seem that there are plenty of reasons to feel worried on a plane, especially if you are an inexperienced flyer. When you are driving, you are in control while on a plane, you hand control over completely to strangers. Even as a passenger in a car, you feel like you have more agency than you do on a plane. You are accustomed to the feeling and sounds of being in a car. On a plane, you may feel like you have no way of knowing whether every shudder, clanking noise or roar is perfectly normal or a sure sign of impending disaster.

It is likely that you cannot be talked out of fear of flying any more than you can be talked out of feeling pain. The remarkable thing about hypnosis for fears, pain or other issues is that it can address the negative responses that you struggle to control. Hypnosis can help burn victims, women in childbirth and people undergoing cancer treatment, and hypnotherapy for fears can help you too.

fear of flying hypnosis

Hypnosis for Anxiety

At the root of your fear of flying is a type of anxiety, and in addition to the use of hypnosis to overcome fear of flying, hypnosis has also been used to successfully treat anxiety with a variety of different causes. Hypnotherapy to overcome fear can address both your specific flying phobia as well as more general anxiety.

One key for success in hypnosis to overcome fear is your willingness and ability to enter the state of focused awareness that it can produce. A 2015 study examined the effects of a single session of hypnotherapy for fear of flying on more than 150 participants and found that those who were receptive to hypnotherapy for fear of flying reported positive results at two and a half times the rate of those who were deemed not hypnotizable.

Get Help With Hypnotherapy For Fears

At best, a fear of flying can make any air travel that you have to undertake a terrifying experience. At worst, it can keep you grounded completely, missing out on career opportunities as well as opportunities for travel and to reconnect with family and friends. Hypnotherapy for fear of flying can change that. In-person sessions with a certified hypnotherapist can transform your attitude toward flying. For more information on hypnosis for fears and to schedule your first session, contact us at