Birds, insects, and other creatures all take naturally to the air, but humans are decidedly more terrestrial. Still, our vast imaginations led us to imagine a world in which we could fly. In the late 1700s, enterprising French brothers managed to bring those dreams to life when they sent up a manned hot air balloon. Not long after their experiments, other enterprising inventors began sending gliders up, and by the 19th century, primitive airplanes were being designed and tested. Humans were finally soaring with the birds.

Today, thousands of flights carrying millions of people stretch across the globe every day. While air flights are generally considered safer than many other forms of transportation, including train travel, bus travel, subway travel, and even car travel, it can bring seriously unpleasant feelings of anxiety to even the most seasoned of travelers. If you suffer from a fear of flying, hypnotherapy for the fear of flying can give you the confidence you need to board your next plane fearlessly.

What is Aviophobia?

A fear of flying is often called aviophobia or aerophobia. As with other phobias, aviophobia is a type of anxiety disorder. It can be triggered by a previous traumatic flight experience, claustrophobia, a fear of heights, or other common phobias. For some, there is no preceding event. Working with our hypnotherapist can help restore your confidence and ease your anxiety.

If you suffer from a fear of flying, you may have symptoms of anxiety before or during a flight, including:

  • Sweating
  • A racing heart
  • Shortness of breath
  • Dizziness or shaking
  • Nausea
  • Brain fog
  • Irritability

Some people use alcohol or medication to numb their feelings while they fly, but these are temporary solutions. Worse, they can bring potentially serious side effects. Fear of flying hypnosis offers a drug-free alternative that can bring you long-term relief without unwanted side effects.

Treating the Fear of Flying

Any time you experience fear or anxiety, your body responds physically. When you are afraid, your body is flooded with hormones that prepare you to freeze, fight, or flee from the threat. Your blood pressure soars, your blood sugar increases, and your muscles become tense. In a genuine emergency, these physiological changes could help save your life. When you are simply flying, though, they can make the entire process quite uncomfortable. You are stuck in a seat, sweating, heart racing, irritable, and on edge with nowhere to go. It can be almost impossible to bear. For some, the reaction alone may be serious enough to keep their feet firmly planted on the ground.

Research shows that anti-anxiety medications can make you feel more emotionally at ease relaxed but can actually worsen your physiological response. Worse, it may aggravate your anxiety the next time you flight, increasing your risk of suffering long-term anxiety. Hypnotherapy for the fear of flying works on a subconscious level. With hypnosis to overcome fear, you can have more control over your fight-or-flight symptoms without the need to rely on substances.

Fear of flying hypnosis can help calm your body and mind and so that you can feel more relaxed throughout your journey.

Hypnosis to Overcome Fear of Flying

For most of us, avoiding air travel is not an option. Unfortunately, each time you fly fearfully, your anxieties can become more firmly entrenched. It is time to take control with hypnotherapy for the fear of flying.

When you are in the grips of fear, it can be hard or even impossible to pull yourself out by willpower alone. Our hypnotherapist can give you tools to help calm and relax you. The sympathetic nervous system, which sets off the fight-or-flight response, is balanced by the parasympathetic nervous system. The parasympathetic nervous system slows your breathing, calms your body, and clears your head.

The hypnosis experience increases parasympathetic nervous system activity. Your body and mind relax deeply as your focus intensifies. During the process, you can engage in a variety of practices that help you work through your fears, including:

  • Rehearsing a positive flight experience
  • Imagining the plane as a safe, secure way to travel
  • Visualizing your worries and anxieties floating away
  • Suggestions that help you manage your experience more effectively

By using hypnosis to overcome fear, you can essentially “reprogram” your mind to respond differently to plane travel. You can take your worries, fears, and anxieties out of the equation entirely. Soon, you will find yourself traveling with comfort and ease. Visit Renewed Edge today to learn more about hypnotherapy or to schedule an appointment with our certified hypnotherapist.