Anyone who has chronic insomnia knows that it is much more than the occasional ability to fall or stay asleep. When it is due to certain sleep disorders, medicines or substances, insomnia is considered to be secondary. However, there are other situations when it is chronic and has no obvious direct cause. In cases like this, stress and emotional upset can contribute to sleeplessness.

In either scenario, insomnia has serious ramifications for your quality of life. It can lead to an inability to concentrate, mood alterations, anxiety and cognitive difficulties that can make focusing on work or school difficult. Extreme fatigue can even cause you to fall asleep at the wrong times, including when you are operating machinery or are behind the wheel.

Strategies to Reduce Insomnia

For some individuals, making simple lifestyle changes can lead to a better night’s sleep. Eliminating caffeine intake later in the day, reducing or stopping alcohol consumption, going to bed at the same time every night and ceasing the use of television or a cellphone when trying to go to sleep can be very helpful. However, these techniques do not work for everyone. For many who cannot get the quality rest they need, hypnotherapy can be a truly beneficial answer.

What Is Hypnotherapy for Insomnia?

No doubt, you have seen hypnosis depicted in movies and on television. Perhaps you have even attended performances in which subjects are put into a hypnotic state and induced to act in silly or unconventional ways. These depictions are showbiz drama. In fact, hypnosis is a state of consciousness, either facilitated by a therapist or done on one’s own, that leads to relaxation, enhanced focus and hyper-awareness. While hypnotized, a person is better able to respond to suggestions and positive imagery to make changes in their lives. Hypnotherapy for insomnia and anxiety, for example, would use positive images of relaxation to bring about a state of calm and help a patient get a consistently better night’s sleep.

Separating the hypnotherapy for insomnia Hype from the Science

When something has been the stuff of magic shows and carnival tents for hundreds of years, it is difficult for many of us to believe that it is more than sleight of hand or collusion. In an attempt to address these lingering doubts, researchers have used science to determine whether this therapeutic technique truly does work.

To that end, Irina Chamine, Rachel Atchley and Barry S. Oken conducted a review of the existing scientific literature that chronicled the findings of 139 sleep and hypnosis-related studies taking place before 2017. Overall, 58.3 percent of the studies suggested that hypnosis was beneficial to patients’ sleep outcomes. Also, 12.5 percent reported mixed results, with 29.2 percent showing no positive benefits. Although research is preliminary and sample sizes need to be increased along with the scope of studies, indications suggest that hypnotherapy for insomnia and anxiety is a scientifically efficacious, legitimate therapeutic tool.

Finding Hypnotherapy in Hong Kong

Now that hypnotherapy for insomnia has the backing of research and the endorsement of bona fide clinicians, it is becoming widely available throughout the world. If insomnia is compromising the quality of your life and relationships, the time has come to seek a safe and effective non-pharmacological hypnotherapy for insomnia in Hong Kong. Our clinicians are highly experienced in guiding patients through the hypnotherapy in Hong Kong process and will be there every step of the way to help you relieve the fear and anxiety that may be causing or exacerbating your insomnia. If you were looking for “hypnotherapy for insomnia hk”, Renewed Edge can give you the tools you need to bring about real change in your life.

Do you remember when you were able to face the day with an alert, wide-awake approach? Do you want to return to a time when you can focus your attention without fatigue, when you no longer snap at those around you simply due to tiredness? Using guided imagery, motivating suggestions and relaxation techniques, hypnotherapy for insomnia and anxiety can help to make these behaviors a thing of the past. Call us today to schedule a “hypnotherapy for insomnia hk” session.