While many people may feel shy or anxious in social situations, social anxiety can be crippling. It can affect your friendships and other relationships as well as your career. At its worst, social anxiety can make you reluctant to leave your home. Fortunately, it can be treated, and hypnosis for social anxiety disorder is one option. You can experience social anxiety hypnosis in HK.

How Hypnotherapy Works

Many people may not realize that hypnotherapy can be a powerful tool for modifying behavior and managing both physical and psychological issues. For more than 200 years, hypnotherapy has been used during surgery when anesthesia was unavailable, to treat physical pain and to help with performance. Hypnosis for social anxiety disorder is another use.

There are many myths associated with hypnosis, but it is a valid tool in clinical psychology. Hypnosis can help relax people, but studies show that its real power lies in its ability to put people in a state of focused awareness and concentration. In this frame of mind, people who are treating their social anxiety with hypnosis in HK can accept suggestions that remain with them when they are no longer in a hypnotic state.

Meta-Analyses of Studies Using Hypnosis as Treatment

Hypnosis has been found to be an effective treatment at treating anxiety related to specific procedures or illnesses, such as surgery or cancer, as well as in the treatment of generalized anxiety disorder. Hypnosis can also help people who suffer from phobias. Some larger literature reviews and meta-analyses have found that multiple studies confirm the success of hypnosis for anxiety treatment.

One review conducted of 18 different studies that examined people who were treated for various psychological conditions with cognitive behavioral therapy with and without hypnosis found that hypnosis substantially improved outcomes. A Romanian study published in 2013 included 63 participants suffering with anxiety and came to similar conclusions. Another study compared hypnosis in treating anxious patients with teaching them relaxation exercises. While both groups of patients showed improvement, that improvement was greater among those who used hypnosis. Hypnosis to overcome social anxiety can be used in a similar way with powerful results.

Social Anxiety and Hypnosis: Case Studies

Several case studies involving the use of hypnosis for social anxiety disorder or for other types of anxiety disorders have appeared in scholarly journals. A case study published in 2014 found that after several months of treatment with hypnosis for social anxiety, an individual was able to engage socially and professionally in a way that had not been possible prior to treatment due to social anxiety. At a six-month follow-up, the gains remained.

Another individual, a 13-year-old girl, tried treatment with hypnosis for social anxiety after a psychologist diagnosed her and prescribed medication for the condition. Her mother did not want her to take the medication, so the girl began hypnosis to overcome social anxiety instead. Under hypnosis, she used visualization and breathing techniques to calm anxious feelings. The girl showed improvement after a month, although she still struggled in crowds. However, at a two-month follow-up, she was free from symptoms of anxiety.


Several different techniques are used with hypnosis to overcome social anxiety. For example, some people in a hypnotic state may be asked to visualize a calming situation that they can then draw on whenever they need. Others may receive suggestions that they feel calm and in control in social situations that normally provoke anxiety. Hypnosis for social anxiety disorder makes these suggestions more powerful because they are received when the individual is in a focused state.

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