Adversity, trauma and setbacks are natural parts of life. How quickly we bounce back from life’s difficulties depends on how resilient we are. Some people are naturally resilient, but resilience can also be nurtured, grown and developed over time. Self hypnosis in Hong Kong can help you make it happen.  

The Importance of Resilience 

Resilience is defined as the ability to recover quickly after a setback or trauma or being able to adapt during stress or adversity. One study has found that resiliency might just be one of the most important factors when it comes to emotional health. The study evaluated women who had suffered from adverse childhood experiences (ACEs). Women with high ACE scores tend to be at a higher risk of suffering from depression and other potentially serious health issues. The risk was the highest when they had little resilience. However, even women with low ACE scores were at a higher risk of suffering from depression if they had low resilience. Self hypnosis for resilience can help you develop the traits you need to become more adaptable and resilient in the face of any stress or trauma.

Self Hypnosis for Developing Resilience 

Being resilient does not mean that you are bulletproof, nor will it take away your ability to feel. Highly resilient people still experience the full range of human emotions, including pain, sadness, grief and frustration. The difference comes in how they manage those emotions. Instead of becoming overwhelmed or carried away, resilient people have the strength and ability to face troubles head-on while still being able to: 

  • Communicate and problem solve 
  • Create and carry out plans 
  • Manage feelings 
  • Control impulses 

Research shows that, for children, several things play a role in the development of resilience, including:  

  • Strong social support systems 
  • Positive and high expectations  
  • Opportunities to participate in a meaningful way  

These factors can help children develop self-esteem, self-efficacy, autonomy and optimism, but they can help you, too.  

With self hypnosis for resilience, you can develop the tools you need to resist adversity, nurture strong relationships and counteract the toxic stress in your life. You will have a sense of self-efficacy and the control you need to build your adaptive skills. Your capacity to self-regulate will grow along with your inner strength, thanks to self hypnosis for developing resilience. 

The Secrets of Hypnosis 

While the brain is extremely plastic early in life, it is one of our body’s most adaptable structures even throughout adulthood. It is constantly developing and pruning synapses and adapting to our needs. Our self hypnosis in Hong Kong can help you develop the inner strength and self-regulation skills that you need to cope with and adapt to the various adversities, traumas and other struggles that you will face at different points in your life.  

Hypnosis is a focused state of awareness that often feels like daydreaming or the period right before you fall asleep. During hypnosis, you will be deeply relaxed, and your subconscious will become more open to suggestion. Hypnosis is a natural state of mind that you enter periodically on your own, but our hypnotherapist can guide you through the experience for therapeutic purposes and lasting results. You can learn to adapt your mind and develop healthy, positive coping mechanisms to build your resilience, overcome trauma and clear any hurdles that appear in your path. You can learn to use self hypnosis on your own to reinforce the lessons that you have already learned. 

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