Hypnosis for Personal Development and Growth

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Are you stagnating? When it comes to achieving your goals, stagnation might just be your worst enemy. You are at the greatest risk of stagnating when you lose your curiosity, stop learning, and stop growing. By developing your natural talents... Read More

Go for the Gold with Hypnosis for Sports

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How do you take your game to the next level? Do you sometimes struggle to maintain your focus? Do you find yourself getting distracted at the worst possible moment? You might even find yourself slipping into a slump. These are... Read More

Counselling and Its Healing Power

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About one out of seven Hong Kong residents will experience a mental disorder at some point during their lives. Mental health struggles are common, but they often go underrecognized and undertreated. Many of those with depression, anxiety, stress, and other... Read More

Control Stress with Stress Management Counseling

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Stress, anxiety, and depression are common among residents of Hong Kong. About 10 percent of people may struggle with mental disorders, including anxiety. Stress and anxiety can take a heavy toll on not just your mental health but your physical... Read More

What Exactly is Hypnosis?

An experience as natural as daydreaming, self-hypnosis is the key to unlocking and harnessing the healing power of our subconscious. When combined with the right suggestions and tools, we can use it to tap into the mind-body connection and transform... Read More

How Hypnosis Can Help Your Child Succeed in School

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Academic success is part of a strong foundation for a child’s future growth. Those who achieve higher levels of educational attainment tend to have more opportunities, more stable employment, higher salaries, and a more active and engaged life in general... Read More

Improve Your Performance With Hypnosis for Motivation

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Finding and maintaining motivation can be an enormous challenge. One reason is that there are so many variables that could affect motivation. Addressing these underlying causes can sometimes resolve the problem temporarily, but the reasons for a lack of motivation... Read More

Getting Started with Hypnosis for Procrastination

Posted in: Confidence, Performance   ||   Reading time: 3 minutes
Procrastination is almost a way of life for many people. You might put off unpleasant tasks because they are simply unenjoyable. You might procrastinate with demanding tasks, convincing yourself you work best under pressure. The problem with procrastination is that... Read More

What Hypnosis for Focus and Concentration Can Do for You

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Minimalism is a philosophy that is based on trimming unnecessary bulk from our lives. Most people think of minimalism in terms of property or possessions. People who want to be minimalists trim their possessions and keep only the items that... Read More

Visualizing a New Life with Hypnotherapy in Hong Kong

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Visualization might sound like a complicated therapeutic technique, but most of us practice it several times a day. Maybe you imagine how a big presentation is going to go, or you spend some time thinking about how you will introduce... Read More