Stress can affect not just your mental but your physical health. When you are struggling to manage stress, your relationships and your work may be affected. Stress can exacerbate a variety of conditions, from heart disease to autoimmune issues and more. Despite the fact that everyone deals with stress to some extent and the terrible toll it can take when it is out of control, no simple way to effectively manage stress has been found. However, hypnosis for stress management could be the key. Unlike using medication to manage stress, hypnosis for stress does not have side effects. Research over the years and throughout the world has supported the use of stress relief hypnosis treatment.

Hypnosis to Promote Relaxation

The best response to stress is relaxation, but of course, this is far easier said than done. The very nature of stress and the stress-related illnesses that it causes means that sufferers are unable to manage their responses to various situations.

Studies have found that hypnosis can promote relaxation and reduce stress in a wide variety of situations, helping patients deal with insomnia, anxiety and stress-related responses to chemotherapy. Working with a hypnotherapist, patients enter a state of focused awareness that can lead to greater relaxation and reduction of stress.

Hypnosis for Physical Symptoms of Stress

If you suffer from chronic pain or irritable bowel syndrome, you may have experienced how much worse those conditions can be when you are under stress. Hypnosis as treatment for irritable bowel syndrome has had good results, and hypnosis as treatment for pain has a long history stretching back thousands of years. In contemporary times, hypnosis continues to be an effective treatment for pain. When you are treated with hypnosis for stress management, you may find that some of your stress-related physical conditions are relieved as well.

One group that suffers from situational stress, people with cancer, has also experienced good results from stress relief hypnosis. Results of these many studies suggest that hypnotherapy for stress may be successful whether the stress is due to one specific situation or more general in nature.


Although it may manifest as headaches, stomach aches or similar physical issues, severe stress is often caused by issues unrelated to physical health. You might be struggling with stress related to work, school or family issues.

While hypnotherapy for stress cannot solve these problems, it can help reduce the stress that you are experiencing as a result of them and might make it easier to problem-solve for solutions. Hypnosis can be an essential component of this ability to effectively problem-solve despite stress. One study of high school students compared a control group of students who discussed ways to manage test anxiety with a group that used hypnosis for stress. The latter group did significantly better in final exams. This demonstrates that stress relief hypnosis is helpful above and beyond a conscious understanding of how stress and anxiety work and how it might be managed. Even with these tools to hand, people do not always handle their stress effectively. Hypnosis for stress can change that.

Stress can make you feel overwhelmed. At worst, you might struggle to take that first step to resolve the stress, but hypnotherapy for stress at Renewed Edge Hypnosis can help. Working with a hypnotherapist can provide you with the lasting stress relief that you need. For more information on hypnosis for stress management, visit