Would you like to take care of the most powerful organ in your body? The obvious answer would be yes. Yet many people fail to do so. The brain amounts to 2% of the body weight but consumes about 20 percent of the body’s total energy expenditure. The brain commands other organs, processes sensations and stimuli, controls the pain management process, is responsible for the flight, fight or freeze reactions, and so on. We take care of our homes with spring cleaning. We hire trainers to get rid of superfluous weight, build abdominal strength, and sculpt muscles. Whether we ingest supplements, soothe the muscles with massages or protect our skin from the sun, we are constantly taking care of our bodies. But we often overlook the brain. Everything that defines you is stored on top of your spine in the skull: your beliefs (enabling or limiting), the source of your emotions, your ambitions, your fears (rational and irrational), and your thoughts. Have you ever paused and wondered where a thought came from? Maybe it was something you heard, you read, something that came from a person you respected. Why do we spend time, money, and effort detoxing the body and cleaning our homes, but forget the only one organ that defines us? If I asked you to list the beliefs and thoughts that are keeping you from wellbeing and peak performance, chances are that you would list ideas that are at the root of anxiety, fears, anger, and lack of motivation, among others… There are clearly only benefits in cleansing the body and exercising. Imagine the doors you could open if you also got rid of your limiting thoughts.