More than 13 percent of people in Hong Kong suffer from a common mental disorder, such as anxiety, depression, or a combination of both. Depression and anxiety can make it difficult for you to get through each day, and they can affect your self-confidence. When you struggle with anxiety and depression, you might not reach your full potential. Hypnosis for anxiety and depression can give you new tools to take control and a sense of direction.

Depression and Anxiety: What You Need to Know

Depression and anxiety can lead to more serious problems for their sufferers. One study showed they were correlated with divorce, stress, recent chronic illness, and poor perceived mental health. They were also correlated with low physical activity levels, divorce or widowhood, sleep problems, a lack of leisure, and job dissatisfaction.

Both conditions are linked to a variety of health problems, including:

  • Arthritis
  • Heart disease
  • High blood pressure
  • Osteoporosis

While many people have only depression or only anxiety, the two conditions often occur in tandem. In fact, about half of people with one also have the other condition. While anxiety and depression have different origins and underlying causes, their symptoms and treatments are often similar, and both often respond well to self-hypnosis for anxiety.

hypnosis for anxiety and depression

Understanding Anxiety and Depression

Symptoms of depression and anxiety can include difficulty concentrating, irritability, and insomnia. People who are depressed may have low energy, changes in appetite, and a loss of interest in activities they enjoyed. Some may also feel suicidal. Anxious feelings are a natural response to stress, but chronic anxiety can trigger muscle tension, restlessness, and overwhelming feelings of panic, dread, and worry.

Both anxiety and depression can interfere with your ability to function and affect your day-to-day life. Hypnosis treatment for anxiety can alleviate your symptoms and heal the underlying cause of your pain.

With hypnotherapy for anxiety, you can maximize your mental functioning and restore your mental wellness. You can nurture more positive relationships with the people in your life and learn to manage and express your emotions in a healthier way. You can also become more resilient when it comes to life’s uncertainties.

Self-hypnosis for anxiety works to challenge your automatic thoughts, the thoughts that come unbidden. Much like reflexes, these automatic thoughts can keep you in a behavioral holding pattern that can be hard or even impossible to escape without help. It is one of the ways the mind works to protect you. Unfortunately, anxiety and depression fuel the irrational thinking, fear, and negativity of anxiety and depression, trapping you in an unhealthy cycle. You can end the cycle with hypnosis for anxiety and depression.

Using Hypnosis Treatment for Anxiety

The deep focus and profound relaxation of hypnotherapy for anxiety allow you to tap into the subconscious mind and gently guide it as you identify the unhealthy patterns, address the inaccurate beliefs, and embed new, healthier habits. Unlike medication, which can carry the risk of side effects, and behavioral changes, which do not tackle the underlying issues, hypnosis works on a deep level to offer you real relief.

Research shows that hypnosis works. One study showed significant differences between the hypnosis group and the control group particularly in the areas of stress, depression, and burnout. In another study, the hypnosis group enjoyed less stress and better overall health compared to the control group. Self-hypnosis for anxiety is not a magic pill or a cure-all. It is a tool that can help you better manage your symptoms, strengthen your resiliency, and renew your confidence. With hypnosis for anxiety and depression, you can move through your life more easily and with less stress. Visit Renewed Edge today to learn more about our hypnosis treatment for anxiety or schedule a consultation with our hypnotherapist.