A Brief Primer About Hypnosis

If you suffer from headaches, back pain, neck pain or any type of stress, hypnosis may alleviate your discomfort. Hypnotherapy offered by a trained hypnotherapist utilizes a relaxation technique to induce a relaxed state in the mind. You may never before have felt completely relaxed as you will during a hypnosis session. The relaxation you feel when you are hypnotized affects your mind so that it is able to pay full attention to the hypnotherapist’s suggestions.

Now, do not think that your hypnotherapist is going to suggest that you bark like a dog or strut around the office pretending you are a chicken. You may have seen these types of induced trances in people picked from an audience at a stage show. The real purpose of hypnotherapy is to cure you of what’s bothering you rather than provide viewers with amusing entertainment.

Hypnosis is the common name for a technique that induces the brain to relax. The process is also referred to as hypnotherapy. The technique causes an individual to enter a state resembling a trance. The person experiences a greater capacity to concentrate on the repeated words and suggestions of the therapist during this state.

Hypnosis Has a Proven History of Treating Clients Experiencing Pain

You may not realize that hypnotic techniques have existed for a long time, especially by physicians to relieve pain. Wounded soldiers who fought in the Civil War sometimes had to have their legs amputated. Unfortunately, the physicians did not always have anesthesia to numb the pain. Hypnosis offered surgeons a way to lessen the pain without suggesting that the individuals first drink full bottles of whiskey. The doctors would hypnotize their clients prior to the amputations. Thanks to hypnosis, the clients did not feel any pain during the procedures.

Hypnosis for alleviating pain also applies to modern times. Guy H. Montgomery has a doctorate in psychology. Montgomery works at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City and is an expert on hypnotherapy and pain management. His report mentioned that clients who were hypnotized prior to surgical procedures did not experience as much post-surgical pain as those who did not undergo hypnotherapy. Plus, the hypnotized individuals experienced less nausea and weakness after surgery. The hypnotherapy sessions mentioned in this study lasted for 15 minutes prior to the surgical procedures.

Hypnosis Does Not Cause You to Neigh Like a Horse

If you are suffering from pain, hypnotherapy may help. It is a false notion that hypnosis causes you to perform activities that are not under your control. Hypnosis is unable to make you engage in acts unless you want to participate in them. In other words, hypnosis does not, and will not, cause you to enter a state in which you no longer have control over your actions.

Renewed Edge, your Hypnotherapy Centre in Hong Kong

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