The Practice of Hypnotherapy

The therapeutic technique of hypnotherapy is performed by trained practitioners. The practitioner makes suggestions to an individual who is in a state of deep relaxation. If you have bad habits or problems with self-control in a particular area of your life, hypnosis may help. Current medical research has shown that hypnotherapy can reduce cravings and impulse control problems that cause individuals to feel guilty or ashamed about their behavior. Research has also demonstrated that hypnosis may increase self-control around addiction and substance use disorders.

Reducing Tobacco Cravings

Nicotine addiction is difficult to overcome, and science has created many oral, transdermal and injected medications for individuals who want to quit smoking. Hypnotherapy has also been found to decrease a person’s cravings for nicotine. In a study published in the Journal of Human Brain Mapping, researchers found that hypnotherapy aversion suggestions to reduce smoking were effective in all 45 of the smokers in the study group when compared to 45 other smokers in a control group. These effects were demonstrated after just two hypnotherapy sessions.

Eating Disorders

Hypnotherapy may also be beneficial to curbing the impulse to vomit after exposure to certain aromas. Researchers published a study in the Journal of the Advanced Practitioner of Oncology about a woman who completed chemotherapy for breast cancer who continued to have unwanted nausea and vomiting with exposure to certain aromas. During the hypnosis sessions, the practitioner suggested to the woman that the aromas of cooking food be turned into one of her favorite smells. The sessions were recorded onto a CD that she could use any time. The sessions eliminated her problem.

In people with disordered eating, hypnotherapy may be more successful than other therapies at correcting the problem behaviors of extreme calorie counting, calorie limiting and vomiting. A study published in the International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis found that people with disordered eating are more open to the interpersonal messages delivered during a hypnosis session.

Compulsive Shopping

Compulsive shopping is typically treated as an impulse control problem. Hypnotherapy may be beneficial to helping you curb your impulse to buy things that you do not need or decrease your cravings to go shopping when you have negative emotions. The University of Bergen developed a shopping addiction scale, and the Journal of Psychological Reports published a study demonstrating that interpersonal influences and hypnotic suggestions could be used to control the shopping impulse.

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