Over the decades hypnosis has proven to help many people with various psychological conditions such as sleeplessness, depression, phobias and anxiety. Hypnosis has played a significant role in improving the quality of life for many. Renewed Edge is the premier hypnotherapy center in Hong Kong, run by a certified hypnotherapist, Christine Deschemin. She trained in France and the US and received the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) certification. The NGH is the largest and oldest hypnosis association in the world.

Which Hypnotherapy Treatments are Available Near Me?

Our hypnotherapist has extensive experience in treating various conditions. These conditions include lack of self-esteem, low self-confidence, chronic pain, weight loss, etc. Our tailored hypnotherapy treatments for anxiety have helped scores of people in Hong Kong. For a more detailed list of our hypnotherapy services, please visit our page on what hypnosis can treat.

Hypnotherapy for Performance and Success

We pride ourselves on being the Premier Hypnotherapy Center for Performance. Christine Deschemin, with her own sports and corporate careers, has extensive experience coaching individuals who have to perform on a daily basis.

Athletes can enjoy substantial financial success only when they win. Depending on the sport there are at least dozens of competitors but there are only three winning slots.

At a time, when change is happening at an accelerated pace, entrepreneurs and executives need to adapt and develop new skills. While practices such as mindfulness and physical exercise bring benefits to the overstressed decision-makers, none addresses mental training. Use hypnosis to increase your mental resilience.

Who Can benefit from Hypnotherapy in Hong Kong?

We have helped athletes, executives, entrepreneurs, and individuals overcome behavioral and emotional challenges and reach success. Our hypnotherapy treatment for anxiety helps people gain serenity and peace. The advanced methods we use during our hypnosis sessions have treated adults, elders and children for phobias, anxiety and much more.

Understanding the Hypnotherapy Process

A hypnosis or a hypnotherapy session usually lasts for an hour to seventy minutes. It begins with hypnotic induction where you are guided into a very relaxed state by our skilled and experienced therapist with the use of diverse relaxation methods. While your body stays relaxed, your mind is highly focused, and you can be aware of everything happening around you.

The therapist uses direct or indirect suggestions to create change. Heightened focus increases your susceptibility to the therapist’s suggestions. These suggestions depend on the behaviour or condition that is being treated.

What Are the Positive Side Effects of Hypnotherapy?

Empirical evidence states that besides helping people manage chronic pain, hot flashes, overcome irritable bowel syndrome, etc., hypnosis brings about holistic and positive changes. One of the significant advantages of a hypnotherapy treatment is that it has long-term benefits without being invasive. Here are some of the positive side effects of hypnosis:

  1. Breaking Bad Habits: Bad habits die hard, but not with hypnosis. When we make conscious efforts to get rid of a habit, it seems to persist as hard. However, with hypnosis many claim to have overcome stubborn addictions that were impeding their success.
  2. Improving Health: Hypnotherapy treatment helps people feel more positive, overcome mental anguish, irrational fears, and phobias, and gain increased control over their mind. Since hypnosis targets habits that are harmful to health, once those are gone, the person can make healthier choices and lead a better lifestyle.
  3. A Fresh, New Outlook towards Life: Once you have overcome the mental anguish, fought the bad habits and healed yourself back to health, your life gets a fresh new start. Thus, your attitude towards the people around you change, which allows you to feel happier, and more content and spread positivity! People with depression can be treated with hypnotherapy in addition to other treatments to boost overall well-being and positive feelings.
  4. Living up to Your Dreams: With a busy mind, we tend to overthink and procrastinate, and, thus add to our anxieties. Consequentially, we lose focus on our goals and sideline our ambitions. After a hypnosis session, we are in a more relaxed state of mind and have clarity in our thoughts, just the state of mind that is required to work towards realizing our dreams.
  5. Stronger Connections & Better Relationships: Depression and mental agony does not only harm you but also the people around you. Poor mental state leads to irritability and rudeness in behaviour. Hypnosis has the power to help you clear out negative patterns. You then shed irrational feelings and are more eager to embrace new relationships.

Hypnotherapy at Renewed Edge, Hong Kong, can help you target various bad or unhealthy habits and replace them with healthier ones. We tailor programs to suit your needs. Hypnosis enables you to gain control over pain and anxiety. You are able to suppress negative thoughts and emotions and are thus ready to lead a happier and healthier life.

If you’re looking for a hypnotherapy treatment center near you, get in touch with us today to enquire about the various benefits of hypnosis and sign up for our newsletter.