The Status of Hypnosis in Hong Kong

Whenever discussions surface about hypnosis, there are always many biases that come to the surface. One of them is about the type of people who seek the benefits of hypnotherapy in Hong Kong. Sadly, clients come to a hypnotist after everything else has failed. The pills do not alleviate the pain long enough or are ineffective with bringing about restorative sleep, or they are just becoming too addictive. The current opioid crisis has led individuals to look for alternative methods that work.

Hypnosis has become the answer for more people, even real men.

There is an increasing body of research on the advantages of using hypnotherapy. Scholars are pointing to a set of compelling arguments in favour of hypnosis. Medical and psychological associations endorse the use of hypnotherapy. Not only is hypnosis non-invasive. But it is also safe and provides long-lasting benefits. It can help get free of the prison of addictive opioids. The icing on the cake is that it delivers results much faster than mosts methods. Genuine health is much more than the absence of disease and can only be achieved through true wellbeing. Hypnosis is one of the few methods that focuses on the mind-body connection.

It is only natural that “real men” come to this solution.

A Trend of Wider Acceptance of Hypnosis

It is difficult to ascribe the more diverse profile of people coming to hypnosis to a particular trend or a factor. Nevertheless, there is a growing demand for methods that work and that work quickly. We believe that the trend of wider acceptance of hypnosis will increase in Hong Kong as it has already started to spread in Europe and the United States. The same way yoga was viewed more than a decade ago as a strange practice before becoming the centre of the craze around wellness, hypnosis will become a preferred option in everyone’s panoply of wellbeing tools.

In our practice, we have seen men from all walks of life make the most of hypnosis in Hong Kong. They are athletes, entrepreneurs, executives, managers of large teams. Some of them face large pressures on a daily basis. Renewed Edge has been pioneering the use of hypnosis in Hong Kong for performance. We have helped athletes strengthen their resilience and pave their way to success. We have used hypnosis in Hong Kong to help men come to grips with anxiety, insomnia, grief, excessive smoking. A large number of men also require hypnosis for slimming and weight loss services when their health is in danger.

The attitudes are changing about the use of hypnotherapy in Hong Kong. While Hong Kong lags behind other continents in that regard, we truly believe it will catch up as it always strives to compete in the most cutting edge industries. Businesses are built around people, and put large demands on them. The only way to attract and retain talent is to foster a service industry that caters to the needs of individuals facing significant stress.

Should you have questions on hypnosis and hypnotherapy in Hong Kong, please contact us. Renewed Edge offers a wide range of hypnosis services centred around pain management, performance and wellbeing.