Hypnotherapy has been used for hundreds of years to treat both physical and psychological conditions, and multiple studies have supported the role of hypnotherapy for stress relief and increasing happiness.  

Reducing Stress 

A number of studies have examined the role of hypnotherapy in stress related to illness, exams, performance, phobias and various other issues. The first controlled study to examine how hypnotherapy could help traumatized individuals with acute stress disorder took place in Australia and worked with people in danger of developing PTSD. According to the research, which was published in 2005, participants who experienced stress relief hypnosis alongside cognitive behavioral therapy had better outcomes than those who only had CBT. Similar results were found in a Romanian study when patients with anxiety were treated with stress relief hypnotherapy. As has been the case in other studies, those who received hypnotherapy along with CBT had reduced anxiety compared to the CBT-only group or to people who received no interventions.  

Managing stress effectively is a critical component of rediscovering joy in your life. If you have been in a state of chronic stress for a long time, you might feel as though you have forgotten how to experience joy. Stress relief hypnosis in Hong Kong can help you achieve happiness once again.  

Post-Hypnotic Suggestions and Other Techniques 

There are several different ways in which hypnotherapy for stress relief and increasing happiness works. One is by post-hypnotic suggestion. People in a hypnotic state are highly susceptible to suggestion. This does not mean that they can be easily manipulated in ways they would not want to be but that they are in a state of focused awareness that makes it easier to implant positive affirmations. These suggestions remain with you even when when you are no longer in the hypnotic state. Therefore, stress relief hypnotherapy might include instructions on how to manage stress or suggestions for controlling physical reactions to stress, such as breathing.  

Hypnosis can also be used to increase relaxation. Increasingly, stress relief hypnosis is being used along with other tools for relaxation, such as mindfulness, massage or tai chi. With stress relief hypnosis in Hong Kong, you can learn to relax and let joy back into your life.  

Yet another way in which stress relief hypnotherapy is used to increase happiness is with guided imagery. While in a hypnotic state, a practitioner can talk you through guided imagery to reduce your anxiety and increase your sense of joy, and you can draw on this imagery later when you are not under hypnosis. Several studies have found hypnosis and guided imagery help people in a variety of situations, including 1996 research that found hypnosis and guided imagery reduced children’s post-surgical anxiety. 

Hypnotherapy to Increase Happiness 

While stress relief hypnosis reduces anxiety, hypnotherapy can also be used to create more positive outcomes and thus increase your joy. For example, hypnotherapy is a popular form of mental training for athletes in many different sports. From cyclists to tennis players and more, athletes have used hypnotherapy to achieve a “flow state,” which is a state of joy in which the task is coming easily to them. Writers, artists, business people and anyone who works intently on a task may also reach this “flow state.” Hypnotherapy enhances this state and leaves practitioners with a feeling of happiness and accomplishment.  

You can use hypnotherapy for stress relief as well to increase flow and bring more joy into your life. For more information on stress relief hypnosis in Hong Kong and to book a session, contact Renewed Edge Hypnosis today.