The Mind Can Change The Body 

« Mind could play bigger role than DNA in exercise and eating » is the title of a New York Times article that highlights the very intriguing results of a Stanford University research study. The researchers focused on endurance and eating behavior. They communicated to the participants randomly generated results which were different from their actual genetic makeup: some people were told that they lacked a gene that would have made them more responsive to exercise, others that they carried a gene variant that made them feel fuller after a meal. The study drew data from blood tests and participants’ surveys. Researchers measured the level of hormones in blood that indicate fullness. 

The participants who believed that they carried a protective variant of a gene that made them less prone to obesity – and did not actually possess the gene – experienced substantial benefits. Their physiology showed an increase in a satiety hormone. 

Those who were told that their genes made them respond poorly to exercise saw their lung capacity decrease. 

More strikingly, the physical effects were more pronounced among the believers who did not have a protective gene than among the people who carried the more helpful gene002E 

In other words, learning about the test results changed their bodies. 

Why Should You Use Hypnosis? 

This study raises many questions. Our mindsets, our expectations about ourselves seem to play a larger role compared to DNA when it comes to the reactions of our bodies to diet and exercise. It highlights the need to ascertain a prognosis or the results of a test before delivering the news to a family. It also emphasizes the need to take care of our own minds, and re-examine the expectations we have about our relationships, career and role in society. 

Hypnosis is the preferred tool for getting rid of limiting beliefs and rebuilding expectations. With hypnotherapy, you can let go of those burdensome habits that have been plaguing you. You can reach your highest potential with hypnosis for success

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