Few things are as difficult as losing weight. For most people, it takes time and effort to lose even just a few pounds, and those pounds seem to come back very easily. Some people find that even though they are dieting and exercising, they just aren’t getting the results they want. If this sounds familiar, you might want to consider hypnotherapy in Hong Kong to help you lose weight.  

How Hypnosis Can Help 

Hypnosis is a powerful but widely misunderstood tool. When you are hypnotized, you enter a state of focused awareness. One popular misconception about hypnosis is that it can give one person the power to make suggestions that the other person would object to if not under hypnosis. This is not true, but while in this state, people are able to receive suggestions that can stay with them later and help them. Hypnosis has been used to help people control pain and anxiety during cancer treatments, to help students focus more on their studies and to help athletes improve their performance. Studies support the efficacy of hypnosis in these and other situations. You can also use hypnosis for weight loss in HK.  

Studying Hypnotherapy and Weight Loss 

In a study conducted in the United Kingdom in the late 1990s, all the participants lost weight, but those who experienced hypnotherapy lost more than the others. The participants got a mix of both in-person hypnotherapy and self-hypnosis. Two different approaches to hypnosis were used. Both groups received ego strengthening, but one group also received stress reduction while the other received suggestions about their food attitudes. There are also many accounts of celebrities using hypnosis to get slimmer. You can benefit from weight loss hypnotherapy in HK and shed that extra weight in a similar way.  

Better Quality of Life Through Hypnosis 

Another study done in Italy found that the severely obese participants who engaged in hypnosis tended to be full sooner, enjoyed improved quality of life and lost more weight. One possible advantage of using hypnotherapy for weight loss is that hypnosis can do more than help with overeating. It can help with other issues as well that could be causing overeating in the first place, such as anxiety or other negative emotions. We are far more motivated by our subconscious mind than we realize, and during hypnosis, it is the unconscious mind that receives suggestions. This then naturally affects conscious actions. Hypnosis for weight loss in HK can improve your approach toward food and enable healthy eating. 

Physiological Effects of Hypnosis 

Studies on hypnosis for pain reduction have found that it actually stimulates chemicals in the brain that work on pain receptors in the body. Similarly, there have been suggestions in some studies that the peptides that control hunger and feelings of fullness can be regulated with hypnosis. Hypnotherapy in Hong Kong uses advanced techniques to help you shed that extra weight that has been nagging you. 

Being overweight can affect your health and your quality of life. Unfortunately, many people become discouraged while trying to lose weight and give up entirely, feeling they have tried everything and nothing has worked. Weight loss hypnotherapy in HK can change that. For more information, contact us at Renewed Edge