Hypnotherapy, a Necessary Prescription for Cancer Patients

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If you have been diagnosed with cancer, your specialist should recommend an adjunct therapy that helps counteract the negative side effects of cancer and its treatment. You might be surprised: it is hypnosis. Medical and Psychological Associations Approve of Hypnotherapy … Read More

How Effective is Hypnotherapy?

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Hypnosis is a Legitimate Tool for Wellness Backed by Science Many people ask if hypnotherapy is effective. Sometimes the question is more subtle and disguised under a request for data. How much success rate do you have? It is a … Read More

Hypnosis as an Enhancer to Your Workout Routine

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How many times do you aim to reach your fitness goals only to find them counteracted by excuses? It could be that you always find it hard to wake up in the morning or just procrastinate on doing the routine … Read More

Benefits of Hypnosis for Children

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Hypnosis is no magic trick even though it may feel like magic when a child gets rid of an irrational fear or a stubborn behavior. Parents need to get acquainted with the benefits of hypnosis, learn about the misconceptions around hypnosis and incorporate … Read More

Mind Can Overcome DNA

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The Mind Can Change The Body  « Mind could play bigger role than DNA in exercise and eating » is the title of a New York Times article that highlights the very intriguing results of a Stanford University research study. The researchers focused on endurance and eating behavior. … Read More

Make Your Weight Loss Regimen Complete by Adding Hypnotherapy

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Hypnosis as Part of a Weight Loss Program  Weight loss hypnosis, when combined with a proper diet, an exercise plan developed for you, or coaching, can set you on a path toward reaching your weight loss goals. Brent Bauer, MD, of the … Read More

Slimming with Hypnosis

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Did you know how you could lose twice as much weight, and keep it off for the longer term? Many studies have proven that hypnosis is a powerful ally when it comes to slimming and shedding weight, much more powerful … Read More