As an athlete, you already know that consistent practice, good nutrition and a smart fitness program all contribute to your success. However, you may not be aware that hypnotherapy for sports performance is another extremely effective tool that you can add to your arsenal. Exploring how it works can help you to decide if you want to make sports performance hypnosis part of your workout regimen. 

Hypnosis Defined

Before delving into the specifics of hypnotherapy for sports performance, however, it is important to understand how hypnosis is defined. The best way to think of it is as a heightened state of focus and awareness. Performed either by oneself or with the assistance of hypnotherapy for sports performance in Hong Kong, hypnosis enables you to harness the power of your subconscious to incorporate positive imagery, suggestions and affirmations into your mindset and general outlook. This technique has been used for centuries for many purposes, including by field doctors during the U.S. Civil War to help soldiers to handle the excruciating pain of amputations. Today, people use it to curb anxiety and fear, minimize stress and enhance motivation and performance. It can help you get a winning mindset. 

The Role That Mental Imagery Plays in Hypnotherapy for Performance 

The power of positive thinking is not new to the world of elite sports. Back in the 1960s, tennis star Billie Jean King and four-time Olympic discus champion Al Oerter were already tapping into its potential to maximize their own performances. Since then, high-level athletes in all sports have incorporated the practice of mentally going through the motions into their pre-event preparations.  

If you have ever acted as your own cheerleader before a big game or event, you too already know the power that positive thinking can have on your performance. To take that additional step, many talented professionals devote time every day to imagine excelling in the specific motions involved in their particular athletic pursuit. As a result, electrical activity in the muscles involved actually takes place even if there is no actual motion. In many respects, this visualization primes the motivated athlete for success.  

Research Substantiates the Efficacy of Sports Performance Hypnosis

While it makes intuitive sense that positive imagery and sports performance hypnosis could work, researchers are continually attempting to verify these anecdotal results. In one study, scientists at Stanford University worked with nationally ranked university gymnasts who had been struggling to perform various complex movements. Those who had been hypnotized and used visualizations to model the techniques reported that their flexibility was increased and their timing errors were minimized when they later performed the various movements.

Another study of hypnotherapy for performance focused on improving the performance of a single cricket player using hypnosis to promote self-efficacy, technique refinement for run-up, head position and follow-through and watching an edited video tape for modeling the movements the player wanted to enhance. There was a significant difference even seven months later in the player’s reported self-efficacy levels as well as a sustained increase in bowling performance.  

How Hypnotherapy for Sports Performance in Hong Kong Can Help You to Excel  

You do not need to be a world-class gymnast or basketball player to benefit from the life-changing tools found in hypnotherapy for sports performance. With the expert guidance of one of our certified sports hypnosis professional, you can learn how to incorporate the relaxation and imagery techniques into your daily self-care regimen. Before you know it, you will be making those free throws, throwing that javelin or running your next race faster and with less fatigue. Do not wait another day to begin your journey toward excellence and achievement. Call our hypnosis center today and enquire about how hypnotherapy for sports performance in Hong Kong can help you.