Some people know that they should keep their composure, stay away from fat and sugar, go to the gym more often, get rid of cigarettes, stop procrastinating, and so on. And yet they do the exact opposite. The prefrontal cortex, our executive center, knows all of this. Nevertheless the change is not happening. Most of what we do is subconscious. Actually you can focus consciously on 4 to 9 items at a time. The subconscious takes care of the rest: the breathing, the perspiration, the digestion, the metabolism regulation, the cleaning of cells, the contraction and extension of muscles in the body, and much more. We are fooling ourselves by believing that we have full control at any time. Why do some people reach for an ice-cream or find a way to sabotage their success when they know they should be doing the opposite? High-achievers spend time focusing on what they want: the gold medal, the mandate, the promotion, the salary increase. Real peak performers understand that they have to change they do not want to do but still do. Change is about adopting new useful behaviours to make the goals attainable. We have helped athletes and executives reach their goals through hypnosis. What about you? Contact us for more information on hypnotherapy in Hong Kong.