Social anxiety is one of the most widespread problems. It affects 18% of the population in the US. Surveys shows that about 7% of the population in Europe suffers from social anxiety in their lifetime. In Australia, this number increases to 9% of the population. Hypnosis can help you get rid of social anxiety.

What do people with social anxiety experience?

People with social anxiety disorder experience emotional unease in very ordinary situations. They are uncomfortable in most encounters, especially with strangers. They fear being watched, judged, teased or criticized. Their hands might get clammy and their bodies get tense. Other physiological reactions may include fear, a fast heartbeat, blushing, excessive sweating, trembling, and muscles twitching. Instead of focusing on the content of their message, they tend to focus on the reaction of the opposite party. Their minds become cluttered with negative interpretations of facial expressions and behaviours. 

Get rid of social anxiety with hypnosis

What a difference it would make if you could get rid of these symptoms and socialize freely! What would you do with that extra energy if you were just free of those negative thoughts and fears? It is extremely difficult to deliver a confident elevator pitch or engage with colleagues and potential new friends. Social anxiety does not only prevent you from broadcasting your personal brand in the workplace, it puts others in charge of developing that brand for you. Who would you rather have control that strategic asset? You or potential rival? You or a higher-up who has to choose among many candidates?

The stress of social anxiety might have led you to limit social contacts as much as practicable. That is a recipe for disaster in a competitive world. It can even lead to depression and low self-esteem. Moreover, you do not get to develop useful social skills.

Hypnosis can help with social anxiety. Contact us for more information on hypnotherapy in Hong Kong.