Obtaining the best hypnotherapy in Hong Kong is one of the most effective ways to bring about true transformation in your life. After just one hypnotherapy session in Hong Kong, you will truly begin to realize how this scientifically proven and widely respected set of techniques for focusing awareness and achieving goals can enhance your well-being. Here are just five of the many benefits of hypnotherapy in Hong Kong. 

Reducing Pain 

Hypnosis involves the use of relaxation techniques, guided imagery and verbal suggestion. With the help of our self-improvement hypnosis in Hong Kong, you can achieve a state of enhanced focus and heightened awareness that will enable you to minimize the sensations of chronic or acute pain you may be feeling. Although this claim may be difficult to believe at first, it is supported by research. In a study by Elkins, White, et al, six colonoscopy patients received instruction in self-hypnosis on the day of their procedures. By using visual analog scales, the scientists were able to assess how the patients were feeling both before and after the colonoscopy. Results were compared with 10 separate patients who received conventional care. Findings suggested that hypnosis can be an effective tool in pain management and may even lead to a reduced need for sedation. 

Minimizing Anxiety 

The same study also showed that even the one brief session of hypnosis training before the patients’ procedures made a measurable difference in reducing the anxiety they were feeling. Even if you are not due for a colonoscopy or other surgical procedure, persistent and severe anxiety can make even everyday tasks nearly impossible to accomplish. Receiving the best hypnotherapy in Hong Kong can offer you proven techniques that can truly reduce these worries and fears

Raising Self-esteem 

The structure, imagery and positive suggestions that you find during your hypnotherapy session in Hong Kong can also revolutionize the way you feel about yourself since it can actually provide you with strategies to change the negative self-talk that may spin through your mind on a regular basis. In order to test whether this hypothesis was true, Pekala, Maurer et al worked with 261 male U.S. veterans in residential substance abuse rehabilitation programs. The subjects were assessed before and after receiving either conventional treatment, cognitive behavioral treatment or hypnosis to determine the effects on self-esteem, improving affect and preventing relapse. In comparison to those who either did not practice or minimally practice the strategies they had learned after seven weeks, the hypnotized subjects reported the highest levels of serenity and self-esteem. 

Reducing Destructive Feelings 

The same study of the veterans admitted to substance abuse rehabilitation programs yielded another interesting finding that you might apply to your own life with a self-improvement hypnosis in Hong Kong session. The men who made it a point to practice the hypnosis techniques they had learned were found after seven weeks to have significantly lower levels of anger and impulsivity. Under the guidance of our empathetic and competent hypnotherapists, you too can lighten the burden of destructive emotions that are holding you back. 

Fighting Crippling Phobias 

If you have a paralyzing and irrational fear that affects your everyday life, you know just how destructive phobias can be. Fortunately, obtaining the best hypnotherapy in Hong Kong can make a tremendous difference. Researchers studied 12 people with dental phobia and 12 subjects with no such fear. After a brief hypnotic session, they used functional magnetic resonance imaging (FMRI) to observe brain activity changes when the subjects were presented with images designed to provoke their fear response. Reduced neural activity was found in the fear circuitry structures of the brain in patients with dental phobia who had undergone hypnosis treatment. Studies of hypnosis and its ability to minimize phobias continue, and you can judge for yourself by receiving a hypnotherapy session in Hong Kong. 

As people of all ages come to recognize its benefits, hypnotherapy in Hong Kong has gained immense popularity in recent years. Renewed Edge Hypnotherapy offers self-improvement hypnosis in Hong Kong that can help you to achieve your goals for pain or anxiety reduction, heightened self-esteem or reduced phobias. The time has come to take the reins of your life into your own hands by harnessing the positive power of hypnosis. Call us today to begin making the transformation.