Hypnosis as Part of a Weight Loss Program 

Weight loss hypnosis, when combined with a proper diet, an exercise plan developed for you, or coaching, can set you on a path toward reaching your weight loss goals. Brent Bauer, MD, of the Mayo Clinic contends that hypnosis helps gather your attention in one direction so that you are receptive to the behavior modifications necessary for weight loss.

In 1998, research done in the U.K. found that during a clinical trial, hypnotherapy in conjunction with a proper diet produced positive weight loss benefits for the participants. In a September 2014 study, it was found that hypnosis, when combined with other weight loss modalities, is an effective tool when used in helping change behavior toward food.

Weight Loss Benefits of Hypnotherapy 

Hypnotherapy provides safe and long-lasting weight loss. A 1978 study using the Stanford Hypnotic Susceptibility Scale showed that the 45 participants exposed to hypnosis as part of their weight loss regimen lost more weight and kept it off after a three-month follow-up as opposed to those who did not participate in hypnosis. Diet hypnosis allows you a safe, natural way to feed your mind and body with the proper healthy eating techniques and positive body image thoughts. Therapists are able to reinforce positive thoughts and make encouraging suggestions to the client regarding their feelings toward food and its effects on their body image.

Through hypnosis, you can refocus your efforts on your own well-being.

Renewed Edge: Making the Difference in Weight Loss Hypnotherapy 

At Renewed Edge, we’ll get to the heart of your eating issues. There are many reasons for eating without actually being hungry. With hypnotherapy, the basis of these reasons can be explored, addressed, and replaced with actions that can help you develop healthier attitudes toward food and make better eating choices. 

According to the Cleveland Clinic, there is an actual psychology to eating that causes overeating. With hypnosis, controlling the stimulus that creates the need to eat when you’re not hungry can be addressed and redirected to a healthier alternative. After you pinpoint the triggers, you can then manage your food choices or control the amount you consume. Once you learn to have a better relationship with the food you eat, your health will improve as well as the image you have of yourself.

Your hypnotherapist can show how to break bad habits and teach you to learn what triggers them. Slimming hypnosis reinforces a healthy lifestyle. As you take care of yourself, you naturally shed the extra weight. These choices are truly life-changing. The hypnosis sessions provide a newfound freedom to make positive changes for a healthier, more satisfying, and longer life.

Take the first step on the path to well-being with slimming hypnosis. Contact Renewed Edge to enquire about our slimming hypnosis program or sign up for our newsletter.